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  1. yes i know that lmao, im just questioning the amount of very spicy seeds you seemingly harvest from cheri berries, because you're claiming that you're harvesting 500-570 very spicy seeds from 300 plants worth of cheri berries
  2. How are you getting that many very spicy seeds? Your guide says to use 900 spicy seeds overall to plant cheris on day 1, which would leave you with 300 plants. Even with some insane rng i don't see how you could even get more than like 460. Just seems wrong to call it a self sustaining method if you have to buy seeds off the gtl most of the time lol
  3. The way you plant cheris make no sense to me. Assuming that the chance to harvest a very spicy seed is 30%, to harvest a plain spicy seed is 70%, you'll end up with on average 405 very spicy seeds after day 1, leaving you having to buy ~60 very spicy seeds to plant all the leppas on day 2. And what's the point of planting all those cheri seeds on day 2? Over time you'll just end up with a huge backlog of very spicy seeds when you could just be planting more leppas. I feel like there a lot better ways to be using all of the seed plots you have.
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