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  1. I hope they will never implement this region. IMO asking when they gonna do Johto is part of the experience
  2. From idealistic point of view it would be awesome to have extrealmy hard challenge with prizes benefiting whole community. Ppl working together to figure out how to beat it and huge amount of ppl spectating whole struggle. The problem with this idea is making AI hard for even top players to struggle while maintaining feeling of fairness.
  3. Or registering more than 6 (10 for example) and letting to use any combination from that base number(10)
  4. Pokemon that setup with sword dance or dragon dance are pretty good against npc, maybe try one of them
  5. I agree it's about time to do something with lucky egg, but forum is already filled with ppl complaining how unlucky they are with getting that super rare recolor. I think this could add another topic to complain
  6. The only problem I see with this is, it might be confusing to make exception for just these two.
  7. Sounds like extra convinience in game for doing donations. You can play without them.
  8. I thought you only need 5th gen to play, emerald to access hoenn, firered to access Kanto and optional soulsilver for better graphics and follower but my knowledge might be out of date.
  9. now you should apologize all those players who spam "sinnoh when" topics
  10. It's just simulation, you are the only real one
  11. Well, technicaly she wasn't lying. She just forgot about those 2,700,000 on top of it xd
  12. For sure singles, but I think they appear in doubles too. As for win streak I don't remember that, something under 50
  13. I encounter them in non-link battle in the tower. Can't tell about other places.
  14. It would also send a bad message for those who struggle with beating the story
  15. It doesn't work like that. Dev team decide by them self what is worth putting into the game. You can see there are old topics with big amount of reaction and they are still waiting for their turn.
  16. It's already in the game. It's called Repel
  17. I misread the title and was so hyped for a QUIZ :/ so disappointed
  18. Probably something with how they handle information about stored exp. I don't know, just guessing
  19. Knowing their past experiences with ETAs I believe this is most precise answer we can receive. Not because they are evil or lazy but because they never meet them. I prefer them to do something they are content with rather than rushing it to meet dates.
  20. Might be unconventional opinion but I like this event best so far. Probably because I don't need to prepare and I can just launch it and play. I'm not saying each event should be this chill but it's something I enjoy so big thumb up from me
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