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  1. Long live PokeMMO!

  2. Happy New Years to you to, Deejaye and everyone else. I can't take my eyes of it, it's too good. Your skills are just amazing. Thank you very much!
  3. Hemlock, get working on the next one! I can't wait to see it.
  4. My bad, dude. Sorry. Mew with a pink-ish background. To the right of Mew, text: AzizFTW (Under it should be the following) Live long and prosper, for one day we shall perish.
  5. Oh god, I love this. Get'cha head in the game! And Frolic.
  6. My bad, Evesa wants to stay on topic. So yeah, I shall leave. I will watch a few in the future.
  7. I was thinking of watching some, but I dare think of watching any that consist of 500-800 Episodes...
  8. These look badass, but I can't request one because I don't watch anime ;_;
  9. When will we perish?

  10. "Racist!Everybody, this bigot hates Muslims." I pissed myself laughing.
  11. AzizFTW

    Hi :3

    Hello. Jazmin. If you need any help in game, just ask. My in game name: AzizFTW
  12. Peace. Freedom. Equality. Unity. Pokemon

  13. Hello, CindyG, Sabekio and Skywish. Sorry I got back to you so late... Thank you Sabekio.
  14. I've been here for 3 weeks. HELLO!
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