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  1. shiny duskull O_O too bad I suck at competitive and won't win it my favorite shiny ; - ;
  2. Alright, I gawt dis. My story is gonna be pure gold good hopefully.
  3. Is it ok if we add in something not related to Pokémon in a story about Pokémon? Serious question btw
  4. Fantastic! You always got to keep in mind, different writers shine in different topics!
  5. Not sure if this isn't in the OP but I'm too lazy to check and it's 3AM, so it would be interesting to have topics that weren't PokéMMO/Pokémon related and just anything overall :)
  6. For a moment there, I thought another region was implemented...
  7. "The usage of Spore on Ekans and Arbok is banned." Why?
  8. I'll have to say, the writing events are great but I feel as if they're too pokémon based. Yeah, it's a Pokémon forum but it's nice to have some variety. Eventhough there's only been two writing events I think there'll be more pokémon based writing events. Something like an open category would be nice. For example, 1000 word limit story about anything. Thanks. :3
  9. Thanks a lot! c: I'll make adjustments to the original peice and I'll see if it 'works'. 1) I'll add in the comma. 2) He describes the people as fair because it's a nice town, the people live in harmony with each other and rarely cause problems. They treat each other equally and without prejudice. 3) I'll remove the name. 4) I'll change the fourth paragraph. 5) I'll make changes to the description of Lyn. Forgot to change her name as 'Lyn' was her name in the draft... I'll probably develop the characters and surroundings much more before fully launching the story into the plot. Thanks a lot for the reply!
  10. This is the story I will be working on throughout the next couple of months/weeks. I will be trying my best to finish these as soon as possible. I hope you enjoy reading these and will leave criticism behind. Thank you and enjoy! :3 Prologue [spoiler] "Check," said Lyn in an assured and confident voice, with a smile running across her blemishless face. Returning to her position, she carefully observed my moving hand and remained silent, careful not to give any of her so called 'flawless' and 'valuable' tactics away. I attempted to move my king one space to the right, but ceased to do so as she chuckled under her breath. We sat silently in the room, calm, and focused on the chess game. A single sheet of snow fell upon the town of Handsworth, leaving only the lights visible. Silent: the town stayed, through the rest of the morning and evening. It was the typical weather, snowing right through December. Living in the town at the time felt as if it was lifeless - as if you were the only humans in the town of Handsworth. Though, through every other month of the year, the town was copacetic.The people of the town were kind, generous, and fair. In the pitch black sky, a single slit of bright light cut through the blinds and shone down upon Lyn's white king piece. The light focused itself on Lyn's king piece, moving gently from one side to another, then vanishing into thin air. As I peered outside, I saw nothing but the pitch black sky and the town of Handsworth. I then returned to the chess game... "Mate," said Lyn, as she cried in excitement. She lifted herself from her chair and danced in unmitigated joy and delectation. She prided herself on her sportsmanship, sincerity, and virtues. Lyn was candour; she would never lie under any circumstance. She was honest, reliable, and always tranquil. During every single second of every single hour, she would be euphoric; bursting with energy. As I peered once more out of the window, I saw nothing but a lifeless town, silent, and still. [/spoiler]
  11. On a scale of 1 to 10, how dope do I look?

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      Holy shit you look like some poor indian beggar kid, aziz pls

    2. AzizFTW
  12. This game's community is falling apart faster than me playing Jenga.

  13. The suspense built up in chapter six pays off greatly. It's great. Though I think more character development would pay be awesome. Rating: 8/10
  14. I loved this story, Fera, it was great in many aspects. Though, out of all those, one thing of the story stood out to me. I really liked how you gradually introduced the Wurmple and not just straight away. The effect this had was that it reminded the reader about Sophie's background/ story's plot. 10/10 would read again!
  15. This seems like something that would happen when the game is beta. [spoiler] yeah, it aint happening in our lifetime [/spoiler]
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    an eevee holding a knife to alakazam's throat
  17. Hue.

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      go hue yourself

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      I'm going to hue all over you.

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      I'm going to hue you so hard, you'd wish I never hue'd you.

  18. "Love is like war: easy to begin but very hard to stop." ~ H.L. Mencken Well, this was it I guess. The moment the British had moved forward from their boats, we would start fire. Relentlessly, reluctantly, we mowed down our brothers. Not a single thought would pass our mind. Why did we kill these people? Hell, why are we at war with the Jacks? I'm just another bloody brainwashed adult sent to war. As the boats had approached the river bed, the sounds of the tides crashing against the countless pieces of barbwire and traps put down calmed our souls. More and more boats were approaching, it was either us or them. We had to do this. I sat sheltered in my bunker, holding the grip tight. A shiver had ran down my spine. I looked to my fellow comrade. He nodded back and handed me an ammo magazine. I whispered: 'Thank you, brother.' For all I know, this may be the last time I see him. My hands were trembling. My body froze. Flashes of memories and people ran across my mind. Hundreds of boats could be seen across the horizon, filled with dozens of people. They set foot. I closed my eyes and pressed the trigger, moving the stationed machine gun left and right. Bullets flew across my head, hitting the walls behind me. Dark green planes flew across with RAF symbols, dropping bombs on several bunkers. I know them, they were good people. They just fought for the wrong cause. I opened my eyes to see a dead body laying on my lap; the atmosphere of the battlefield had left me deafened and weak. His head was facing upwards and his hands in my chest, gripping my shirt. The British were advancing. The debris of bunkers had fell on the ground. It had left us vulnerable to gunfire. I let go of the gun. I held his hand tight with both of my hands, blood pouring out of his chest onto the floor. I opened his palm to see a picture of his newborn baby.. I-It was beautiful. She was beautiful.
  19. My heart was pounding. Supersonic bullets demolished the wall behind me. I didn’t know what to do. The sound of the battlefield deafened me and left me clueless on the floor. The stench of the battlefield was awful. The morale of our comrades dropped until every man wanted to surrender however the loyal general Zhukov made his vow to Premier Stalin to eliminate every enemy or die trying. Both sides clashed as we pushed up and they fell back. A weak force they became after the battle for Stalingrad. We had outnumbered them but they had outwitted and out skilled us. Not a good balance. We had nowhere to go, if we retreated we would get killed by our own fellow men for cowardice or if we went up the hill we died in pure agony. It was now or never, every man ran up the hill (It was a colossal moment for our army) we ran over the rubble from the devastated buildings to get to the Reichstag. I was shot in the leg and I fell on the floor. My brother in arms dragged me to the moment where we pulled the flag up and we were victorious.
  20. Diary entry: Keen. Date: 21/12/2024. *Entry: 1 "We are the reckless, we are the wild youth." It was a dark day, the streets were flooded with masses of deceased bodies; their stench of blood and decay was unbearable. Bits of the city were left in shadows, the streets were in chaos. The remains of cars and devastated buildings were there, left unattended. You could inaudibly hear many people screaming, many people fleeing, but these "things" weren't giving them a chance. These groans, these agonizing groans... oh, you wouldn't want to hear that. It was ridiculous, don't you think? I mean, look at us, we're a ragtag group. We had no chance of survival in this vicious world. Everyone of us were as thin as a stick. We barely had any equipment.We'd get torn apart before we had the chance to react. I seemed like the only person in here that could survive on their own. We were stranded in a little house... we had cleared it a few weeks ago. We needed to relocate immediately. We could hold out for a little longer; just a little, no more, no less. We needed food, we haven't eaten in quite a while. We had to scavenge houses and buildings nearby, it was already gone... as if another group passed by earlier. No, we're the only ones out here. I doubt we'll find anyone out there, no-one has lasted this long. It'd be a long time before we find someone else. I'm sure of it. These, zombies that is, are probably roaming around in search for us! We don't have anything to fight back with, we're just a sitting duck; we've just set camp and we're waiting for them to stroll by. We sat around the campfire - every single one of us reminiscing about the joys of the past days, when we weren't actually fighting for survival. Now we're here, fighting for our life, and we realize: would it hurt to, once in while, show a little appreciation for the things that we have? We had our palisades set up, it'll give us long enough... to, you know, realize darkness is near and run as far as we can. It didn't look great for us, we needed to leave. We needed to gather; resources, food, people, and all in all, a good to place to retreat to. We hadn't been attacked for the few weeks we've been living here, I doubt it'll-- oh, the irony. Huddling around the fire, when all of a sudden - zombies. We were being attacked, and another thing, this house has only one exit... What could we do? I had to do something. I clutched the sword near me and ran to the barrier - not even thinking about the dangers - I placed the blade on a zombie's shoulder and I drew it up, then swerved it at his face. That was one down... Oh, sorry, I forgot to introduce myself: I am Keen.
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