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  1. Here's a picture of some of the specs: https://imgur.com/xqYHuP8
  2. Wow - 96% CPU... Somethings not right there! I produce music and do graphic design on this laptop with no issues! Edit - When I went outside, it shout up to 170% (Not sure how you can have 170% CPU usage but, apparently that's what it says! )
  3. Yeah @Shu , if you can just bump this, I'll update you on the situation. As @Lazaro 23 just stated, through windows on bootcamp it's working fine, so I think I'm going to download the .iso and run it through that for the meantime. Thank you all for your help. Much appreciated!!
  4. 2 fps outside of battle, 58 in a battle. I have no idea why this is happening! It should be smooth, my computer can run other games at top quality and it's fine. The thing is, it doesn't even sound like the computer is making an effort. For other games with high end graphics, the computer kicks into gear and starts making noise (starts to sound like it's working harder). But for Pokemmo, it doesn't make a sound, it's really frustrating! Can't be a connection issue, it's 58 fps in battle and 2 fps outside battle. Doesn't make sense!
  5. I've Sierra 10.12.6... i7, 16GB RAM and Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB... Still laggy as fuck. I guess it's a possibility my internet is too slow to run the update.
  6. I've logged in and it's extremely laggy for me. Is there any plans to make changes so Mac users can play? Thank you in advance! P.s. This is not a time for the comments like "Apple is shit, get a normal computer". I use a Mac for my line of work, so it's all I have.
  7. Yeah, well I guess that was the type of track I tried to make, glad you think I got somewhat close :) But yeah, it's great to see some MMO players interested in music and music production! A lot of time goes into these entries so its great to see people taking part :)
  8. @AshisCatchin It's very soundtracky :P Good Job!! :)
  9. https://soundcloud.com/officialdjlambo/giovanni Hi all, IGN: AONSynth. Gym Leader Giovanni. So as some of you might know, I'm a DJ and Music Producer, so I decided to make a quick edit for this competition! The track was inspired by the Gym Leader Giovanni. I feel like I captured what it would be like to battle him. High Intensity and slightly dark. Ps. It's exactly 1 min 30 (even though Soundcloud says 1 min 32sec.) If you really want, I can cut the 2 seconds of silence at the end of the track to make it say 1 min 30 sec.)
  10. Sig shop is back in business!!!! Just a quick BUMP to get the ball rolling again :)
  11. Cheers bud :) Here's what I came up with! If you like it, you can send the donation via mail in game :)
  12. I'll go ahead and make this, sorry I was away for the last 2 weeks or so! But I'll do it today :)
  13. A new one I did for Team Gløw, who are running a Metro Tournament for their members on the 19th of Nov!
  14. Here you are :) Hope you like it!! :D I'll send the link in the mail :)
  15. You'll get there!! Fulfil the signature I made for you lol :)
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