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  1. Thank you everyone for playing! Hope you enjoyed it and we'll do another one soon for sure. Congrats to @BOOGERKID for first place and unlucky @aftershocker for second. Booger's crazy RNG strikes again <3 good that we got a HERB win. Final results 1st place - Boogerkid 2nd place - Aftershocker 3rd place - AwaitedLegacy Link to results/full bracket: http://challonge.com/CeruleanShowdown
  2. One hour and 30 mins. 17:30 BST now, tournament is at 19:00 BST =]. If we don't get enough signups then we'll just run a losers bracket to make it a bit longer lol.
  3. One final bump for this. Still only 8 signups RIP. Tournament in 4 hours!
  4. Haha well I was gonna bump this but you did it for me. I'll give it an extra one a couple of hours before the tournament! But yeh hope to see as many of you there as possible!
  5. ^^^^ signup will be open until 20 mins before the tournament starts!
  6. EDIT: Added a signup link, way too much hassle for me to do it manually on the day.
  7. Forgot about Wobbu. See edit lol. I'm stingy.
  8. So on 17th June, Team HERB will be running a tournament that's open for everyone to compete in. We'd love as many of you as possible to come along and compete! SIGN UP HERE: http://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/AzIO1nRSPx Cerulean Showdown Location: Cerulean City CH7, Outside PC. Date and Time: Saturday 17th June 2017, 7PM BST (British Summer Time). Tier: HERB Rules - OU/Uber, Lvl 50 tournament mode, 6 vs 6 singles (Snorlax, Blissey, Wobbufet and Baton Pass are banned). Clauses: Tournament mode, so species clause, sleep clause, op items, evasion clause, OHKO clause etc. all apply. Format: Single elimination. Entrance fee: Free to play! Please note that if we get too many entrants I'll have to cap it to save my sanity lol. You can mail me or message me IG this week to reserve a place, or just leave a message in this thread. Prizes: $1 million Pokeyen for 1st place. $400,000 Pokeyen for 2nd place. $100,000 Pokeyen for 3rd place. Whisper me IG @Jordzi to enter, or for more info! Hope to see as many of you there as possible.
  9. Thanks for response. Brb, finding somewhere to cry.
  10. If this is implemented (plz no) will all current Gengar just auto have their ability switched, or would it only be new ones (meaning old Gengars keep levitate)?
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