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[Art] Rihix's Art Shop [Open]

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👋Hello my IGN is ErzasScarlet , welcome to my new art store I draw because I like it and it's fun, please don't try to rush me


How long does it take me to finish a drawing?

It depends on the order and my free time, but a standard order would be before a day or a few hours.



Prices :

1 Character full body or 1 Pokémon + background: 800k and 200k for each extra character or pokemon

Body to waist: 600k.

Up to the shoulders: 400k.

Drawing with base color of 1 character + 1 pokemon or character + simple background: 500k and 20k for each Pokémon or extra character.

Line drawing without color of 1 character or pokemon: 200k and character or extra pokemon 20k


Where do I make the drawings? :

use the app called Painter on the mobile, there I make my digital drawings


What can I draw?

your game character, drawing on your person, pokemon's, simple or more complex funds, characters from series or games, characters or pokemon chibi version.


🌟Keep this in mind when ordering🌟:



Fund?, yes or no


Chibi, yes or no

Line drawing, with base color or with details

Reference photo of your character, in case you want it in the order


If you want to place an order you can write to my discord Rihix#6610, or you can place the order by commenting on this post, I prefer discord 🙏you can also send me a mail to my pj ErzaSScarlet


Example of my art work:















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