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April 2023 Tier Changes

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Last month of the season, 4.36% was the cutoff at the time usage was taken.  Next month we will resume normal cycles.


To OU from UU:

Toxicroak - 6.01% usage in OU

Seismitoad - 5.76% usage in OU


Back to BL:

Porygon2 - Voted on an re-banned, more info here.


To UU from OU:

Ditto - 4.23% usage in OU

Jolteon - 3.69% Usage in OU

Milotic - 3.75% Usage in OU

Salamence - 4.08% Usage in OU


To NU from UU:

Cloyster - 3.58% Usage in UU

Gastrodon - 3.90% Usage in UU

Nidoqueen - 3.70% Usage in UU

Tentacruel - 3.63% Usage in UU

Vaporeon - 2.89% Usage in UU

Zoroark - 4.02% Usage in UU


Discussion thread:


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