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[Art] [Shop] Fundippy's Funtastic Shop! ^_^

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Hiya!! I haven't played this game in so long and I hate grinding for money, so I'd like to open art commissions to get some cash!! \(^▽^)/

Funtastic Shop


Outlines - 400k

Extra Characters - +200k each



Flat Colour - 600k
Extra Characters - +300k each



Colour + Shading - 800k
Extra Characters - +400k each



Inquire on this website, or message me on my discord @fundippyfundip (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚

I will send a sketch of the drawing to confirm that I have drawn what you are looking for, and I will be paid half of the total amount before completion of the product (This is for scam prevention!)
Prices may be subject to change depending on complexity of the request/design
I have the right to refuse service if you are impatient or rude, art takes time and effort!

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