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Does my team suck, or is it just me.

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Totally new to pokemon PvP, so I expected to start out rough.  I've been playing for a week now and don't seem to be improving my win rate, which around 33%.  Is this team just not viable, or is normal for a noob to be losing this much even with a solid team.  

OU Team1.PNG

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There are obviously better options you can use here but if pokemon such as Arcanine is valuable for you it is still usable.

Here is some recommendations
Torkoal instead of Ninetales(just a better sunsetter and a good utility pokemon)

Entei instead of Arcanine(they are doing the same role but entei is better)

Since torkoal will have rapid spin on it i feel like i would replace starmie with another sun abuser

2 life orbs in a team is kinda a lot i would put a wish on chansey or choice band on entei


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If you're new and you are losing, never blame rng for a loss and always look back at the game you just played to figure out what you could do better in terms of plays and what you could change about your team to improve. The more you lose, the better you'll get. 

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Posted (edited)

First of all, your team sucks, and since you are new, this of course is a premise.

As efeburc said, Entei is like Arcanine, expect it does everything better, and a choice band is great. Entei is faster, and for an attacker, speed is fundamental. Also, Entei learns Sacred Fire, which has a 50% chance of inflicting burn status, and no recoil.  However, if you are set on using Arcanine (for intimidate/flash fire and other move coverage), Extreme Speed is a must (same case for Entei). A priority on a sweeper/ wall breaker cannot be overlooked, therefore I would swap Morning Sun for this priority move, as healing and fire Pokémon tend to usually not make a great uguutail recipe. Also, you might want to run a mixed nature with solar beam/ overheat for extra coverage. As for EVs, I would max its attack/speed and run a jolly/adamant nature. If you do decide to go with a mixed nature, then naive/naughty.

I do not agree that Torkoal is 'better' than Ninetales, I do however agree that Torkoal is a 'safer' choice for beginners. While Ninetales does better in hyper-offensive sun teams, either with choice-specs or specially defensive with will-o-wisp (your set is fine too), Torkoal gets access to both stealth rock and rapid spin, which are a basic necessity on all teams (at least stealth rock, as you have the choice to use Defog over Rapid Spin). However, the choice is yours as both of those sun setters work fine.

For Chansey, it is a straightforward choice. Although, I prefer Blissey as eviolite is easily susceptible to Knock Off. Blissey is also capable of dishing out a fair amount of damage with Flamethrower since drought is likely to be in effect, so this is an option. A wish is usually better on more stall-oriented teams (weatherless or Hippodawn's).

For Venusaur, you do not need two STAB, Solar Beam is more than enough since you are running a drought team. I would swap Giga Drain with Weather Ball (coverage), and Sludge Bomb with Growth. The EVs spread/nature look perfect.

Dugtrio is no longer usable as of now, since Arena Trap is banned. Therefore, you will have to find another Pokémon to fill this slot.

Starmie should only be used if you do persist on running Ninetales. I would swap Scald over Surf since it offers a 30% burn proc, and seeing by the EV spread, this is a utility Starmie. I would also swap pyshock/ice beam over psychic, with the former being effective against special walls and the latter a valuable coverage. However, for a solid rapid spinner, I would consider Excadrill/Tentacruel as alternative options.

Good Luck!




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On 6/7/2024 at 10:59 PM, Exegesis said:

For Chansey, it is a straightforward choice. Although, I prefer Blissey as eviolite is easily susceptible to Knock Off.



Knock off in MMO isn't a big of a deal. Yea, you lose your eviolite but for most mons, isn't affordable to use the move since Knock has 20 BP damage. That also make the move a bit predictable, since you know that offensive mons like Weavile don't have it, so you has to be careful about knock only in tankier mons like Ferrothorn.


Honestly a bigger problem is 100% trick users, they are far more common, but for chansey and blissey they are a pain because both get crippled by hold choice items. So, you can't compare both either.

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