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[Story] Pokemon Art Online


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Pokemon Art Online

Kyle always loved gaming ever since he was a young kid. His first game was pokemon silver version for the gameboy color. He never knew how far pokemon could come. He never knew how far pokemon would take him one day.

The year is 2023, the big N has just released its first ever mmorpg. Its called Pokemon Art Online. Pokemon has always had a gilded history. They went all out with this one. The game uses a full dive technology that works by using multiple different controller set ups. On the low scale you can use just a controller where on the high scale it uses a omni-directional frictionless surface to simulate walking and running while keeping you safe and in place. The prototype of this controller was once called the cyberith virtualizer but it was since bought by nintendo. A virtual reality headset is involved too. It also senses your entire body all the way to your fingers.

PAO's preorders sold out almost instantly. Some hardcore fans decided to wait months ahead of time for it to be released. People accused nintendo of creating the shortages on purpose but not even they could have predicted how popular it would become.

Chapter 1: Night of the Release
"Gee it sure is booring around here" exclaims Kyle. "Haha! Nice zelda reference." Said the person behind him. He was a short fat mexican kid who seemed about 14. "Finally someone else who appreciates bad old games, hi im Kyle nice to meet ya." "Hey Kyle im Ricardo but you can call me Ricky." "So Ricky you hyped for PAO?" says Kyle. "Yeah man i feel like ive waited my whole life for this day!" exclaims Ricky. Kyle replies "Well it cant be that long right how old are you 13? When i was your age there was only 500 pokemon not over 1000." "C'mon man do i really look that young? Im 15 and old enough to know how to use emulators on my phone. I probably played all the gens you grew up with." says Ricky. "Oh yeah have you played second gen? And not the second remake for the NX." replies Kyle. "Yeah dude i love second gen, i used to play it online on showdown before it got shutdown." says Ricky with a tear in his eye.

Right after Ricky said this they both realized the line was starting to move. They were finally handing out copies of PAO. They stopped talking for a bit and shuffled forward in line. They both got their copy and exchanged usernames because the game requires you to register early in order to play day 1. Kyle got in his car and looked at the clock. It read 2:47am. "Wow thats quick for a release night."

Kyle drove home quickly but safely. He felt as if he was about to start a new life. But he didnt know why and just brushed this feeling off. "Its just a game, its just a game" he thought.

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Chapter 1 pt 2.


Kyle got home and immediately plugged in his set up.  He bought the most expensive one available.  Coincidentally the most dangerous as well.  It uses nanotechology in you brain that takes over all of your senses.  This nanotech is injected into the bloodstream and its supposed to be "safe".  Kyle already had the injection done and was so ready to play. 


"Now just to log in..::" says Kyle. 

"What name did I say I was using to that kid at the launch?" Kyle thinks to himself.  Oh yeah his user name was xXx_ShinY_HunteR69_xXx. 

"I just told him I would have Xatu in my name..."


After this he puts the disc into his nintendo quantum pc.  The instructions on the screen tell him to lay back and relax.  Colors start shooting past Kyle's head.  He sees some words.  It reads "Link Start!"


Chapter 2 - A New World


Kyle is teleported to a massive plaza around him are thousands of other players.  Everyone looks pretty similar because the base clothing options were pretty slim which is understandable. 


"Wow where should i go first?" Kyle says to himself...


This Pokemon was very different from all the others.  You are not given a starter in this game and your in game character is 18 instead of 10 or 12.  Instead this MMO has you catch your first mons and players actually have a little bit of health and are capable of taking some some hits. 


In the plaza Kyle was in there are many paths.  To the left there is a huge field and to the right there is player housing and vendors. 


"I think ill check out the field" He thought. 


Kyle walked to the left of of the plaza and through a massive gate into the field which seemed to expand on forever.


"Holy shit...." He said outloud.


"Well time to catch my first mon i guess" 


He looked into his inventory which was literally a backpack.


"Hmm ive got about 10 pokeballs here."


He took out several balls.  They were quite small, about the size of a gold ball.  Pressing on the button in the middle put the ball into catch mode, which also makes the ball grow larger.  Kyle took the ball and attached them to his belt in a sort of magnetic way. 


"Time to actually find em now..."  He thought.


The grass patches in this game were much different than in the old school games.  They seemed very large and you could actually see some movement in certain areas.  Kyle walks right into it all.



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