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[MOD] Animated Battle Sprites(2023/11)

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On 11/27/2017 at 12:57 PM, Mortedesu said:

This mod replaces the battle sprites with sprites from X/Y.


I use mods and sprites

GigoloimCabrio, facus26





download .mod file(s)
place it in your pokemmo/data/mods folder 
start the game
click Mod Management
set desired mod(s) to active
Save and restart



Download For Pc

Download For Android



I do not have good English so help me with a translator.
Please report me if any sprite has an error.



  Reveal hidden contents

I fix Battle_Sprites_Back_Shiny.



FIx  battle sprites backs normal.

corrected the position of sprites.



Missing sprites were added.
some sprites with corrected errors.



Fixed the error of the pokes levitate that they should not(maybe I miss some reports if they see a levitating poke).

the position of several sprites was corrected.

the size of several back sprites was corrected(hindered in double combats).

blue eyebrows of darmanitan were corrected.u_u



FIx  battle sprites front normal.

FIx  battle sprites front shinys.



-Sprites position fixed


FIx  battle sprites front normal.

FIx  battle sprites front shinys.



-compatible with the update of 10/30/2018
-I add the missing sprites of rotom, deerling ect.
-I do not know if it works on android I suppose so, my phone went to the trash to notify if it does not work






Muchas Gracias Bro!

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On 4/29/2020 at 11:00 PM, DwarfFactory said:

hi guy!! i found out this pokemon is missing his flame on it's neck. hope you can fix it soon, missing the flame make it not so cool



Dude since gen 6 its been that thing

No flame.



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Mein English ist leider auch nicht so gut, aber hoffe es kann mir trotzdem einer weiter helfen

Wenn ich die Dateien runterlade, sind die Dateien als Video Format und das Spiel erkennt das nicht als MOD, kann mir da einer weiterhelfen?

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On 4/28/2020 at 2:51 PM, rockdevil said:

Hi! After the last update (Android version), I'm having an issue for the sprites scale in the Pokémon menu and in the market. They are too small! Could you fix It please? Thanks for your work, awesome MOD!


Encountering the same issue on Android.

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  • Revz changed the title to [MOD] Animated battle sprites(2020/09/05)
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On 27/11/2017 at 12:57, Mortedesu said:

Este mod reemplaza los sprites de batalla con sprites de X / Y.


uso mods y sprites

GigoloimCabrio, facus26





descargue el (los) archivo (s) .mod,
colóquelo en su carpeta pokemmo / data / mods,
inicie el juego,
haga clic en Administración de
mods, configure los mods deseados para que estén  activos
Guardar y reiniciar



Descargar para PC

Descarga para Android





No tengo un buen inglés, así que ayúdame con un traductor.
Por favor, infórmame si algún objeto tiene un error.



Recomendadisimo! me encanto, i love it!!! <3 10/10 <3

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