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Friendly, fun, family-based team with a focus in PVE
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  2. great event man. looking forward for the next ❤️
  3. gotta combine staryus to create the ultimate starmie
  4. better odds on this than a secret shiny. much better!!
  5. Date Winner drawn every Sunday and raffle resets on Monday Location Optic Discord Each weeks winner will be posted in #optic-bank Duration Every Week This Weeks Prize! 1 Million Pokeyen Explanation The Weekly Waffles is a thrilling raffle event hosted by @Cwamowant where participants send in 39k for a chance to win a grand prize! At the end of each week, we spin the Wheel to determine the lucky winner. Join us for high stakes, excitement, and the possibility of winning the jackpot! (prize pool changes based on entries). Rules 39k Entry fee For an entry to be valid it must be mailed to IGN: OpticBank your mail must include the message "Waffles please" Must be a member of Team Optic Only 1 entry per person Winners e.e
  6. Congrats to Frauts for winning this month's Metronome! Lung Cancer was defeated today https://challonge.com/fkltg8pq
  7. Welcome everyone to the Optic Shiny Showdown!!!! Date: Saturday May 23th - Sunday June 2nd Time: 9pm PST, 12am EST, 6am CET Duration: 10 days Prize pool: 40M+ yen Hosted by: @Gurbb&@SwagMastaSlim Captain draft: DONE Team draft: May 20th 7PM EST , May 21st 1AM CET Participants will be drafted into teams by team captains, then compete for 10 days to earn points. The team with the most points wins the entire prize pool, split evenly among members. Get ready to strategize and compete! There is also a price for the 'Shiny wars MvP' The person with the most individual points wins: 1x Donatur Status Ticket - 30 Days 10x Shiny Charm (+10%) Teams Team Chikorita Team Cyndaquil Team Totodile Scoring system Points We wish every team the best of luck May the best team win!
  8. The tiers have been shattered. Charizard has been unleashed
  9. Welcome everyone to the 'Optic Event Month' Hosted by: @Gurbb&@SwagMastaSlim In the month May, Me & SwagmastaSlim are going to host 3 events. This post will be the main post will all 3 events on here. Within this post you can redirect to all 3 events & their specific forum post. You can click on the banner pictures to get redirected to the event itself. The total price pool of all 3 events combined is: 19K RP & 20M yen. Prizes are sponsored by: Gurbb, SwagmastaSlim & OpticBank If you have any questions about any of these 3 events. Please send a message to Gurbb or SwagmastaSlim on discord or Ingame. Majority of event's & drafts will be streamed on the GrimerGurb Twitch channel Staryu catch event (click on the picture for more info) Saturday (May 11th) Total prize pool: 4K RP Rocket's Roulette PvP Event (click on picture for more info) Saturday (May 18th) Total prize pool: 4K RP Optic Shiny wars (click on picture for more info) Thursday (May 23rd - June 2nd) Total prize pool: 9K RP & 20M-30M Yen Special thanks: Cwaqui Breeding shop (HERE to visit) Gurbb's EV&LVL Shop (HERE to visit) Everyone who donated to the optic bank We did our best and hope everyone will like and enjoy these 3 events! Good luck and may the best win!
  10. Welcome to the PvP event 'Rocket's Roulette' Hosted by: @Gurbb&@SwagMastaSlim Date: Saturday May 18th Time: 3pm PST, 6pm EST, 12am CET (may 19th CET) Location: Pokeathlon CH4, Jotho How it works: 1. Spinning the wheel: Each participant will spin a wheel, which will randomly assign them one NU Tiered Pokémon and two UT Pokémon. These Pokémon will be unique to each participant, adding an element of strategy to the battles. 2. Team Building: After spinning the wheel, participants will have the freedom to fill the remaining three spots on their team with UT Pokémon of their choice. This allows trainers to personalize their teams and develop strategies tailored to their playstyle. Rules: Standard Single Battle Rules Evasion / Sleep / OHKO / Unique Species / Self-KO Pokemons can be altered in any way except evolving. The pokemon you got assigned stays that pokemon. Battles will be in a bracket format. Winners advance, losers go to loser bracket. All battles will be 6v6 Singles, with a lvl cap of 50 and a maximum duration of 15 minutes per battle. Prizes: 1st place: 1x Donator Status Ticket - 30 Days 1x 1,000 RP Reward Points Voucher 1x LVL100+EV training at Gurbb's Shop 1x 3x31, 2x30 comp pokemon 2nd place: 1x 1,000 RP Reward Points Voucher 6x LVL50+EV training at Gurbb's Shop 3rd place: 1x 500 RP Reward Points Voucher 3x LVL50+EV training at Gurbb's Shop 4th place: 3x LVL50+EV training at Gurbb's Shop Tournament Bracket [HERE] Wheel drafted pokemons: [HERE] List of pickable pokemons: [HERE] Winners: 1st place: @BulkyBell 2nd place: @Dindra 3rd place: @FelisC 4th place: @DannyWith6Ys Info I will be streaming the wheel picks for every participant at May 11th 10:30PM EST HERE Event is for Optic team members only. Team drafting will be 1 week before the event. Everyone got 1 week to choose their remaining team members and 1 week time to train For any questions you can message either Gurbb or SwagmastaSlim Ingame or on discord. We wish everyone good luck! May the best win!
  11. After finally catching my shiny staryu, it's time for a staryu catching event Hosted by @Gurbb & @SwagMastaSlim Everyone can submit 2 pokemons at the end of the event. One pokemon with the highest iv's, and 1 pokemon with the lowest iv's This event is the first event hosted for the "May event month" Date: Saturday May 11th Time: 6pm PST, 9pm EST, (3am CET 12th may) Location: Route 13 CH4, Unova Duration: 1 hour for catching and 10 minutes to submit entries Pokemon accepted: Nature Bonusses Timid +2 Modest +1 To take part in the event and receive prizes, you must be part of the team To win this event you need to submit an entry that has the highest or Lowest score to win. Scores will be calculated by highest to lowest iv values. All Pokemon must have been caught within the event time. You will have one hour to catch your entries. Pokemon must be the player's OT. You must link your pokemon to host via whisper to submit your entry. In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined through the earliest catch time. You can submit 2 entries, Your highest and lowest catch. The pokemon can't be altered or leveled 1st Place: 1x Donator status ticket - 30 Days 5x Shiny Charm (+10%) 2nd Place: 1x Donator status ticket - 15 Days 3x Shiny Charm (+10%) 3rd Place 1x Donator status ticket - 7 Days 2x Shiny Charm (+10%) 4th place (Lowest IV) 5x Shiny Charm (+10%) Winners: #1: Tsiy - 156IV #2: Aeziel - 152IV #3: Walkarounder - 150IV #4: Poosher - 20IV At the end of the event. Submit both your submissions in game either to: Gurbb or SwagmastaSlim We wish everyone good luck May the best win !
  12. Event is finished, and everyone has been paid out Thanks for participating!
  13. Hope everyone is excited for Optic's Most Wanted! This will be an always ongoing event that is posted at the start of each month. Unique bounties are posted and can be claimed by any member of Team Optic! Date: May 1st - May 31st Time: Starts and ends at 4 AM UTC | 6 AM CEST | 12 AM EDT Duration: During the Month of May Bounty Board: Rules: - Any Pokemon from an evolution line will count (Ex. Shiny Cleffa will count for a Clefairy bounty) - Unless otherwise stated a bounty may only be claimed once - In the situation where an egg shiny is hatched we will operate on good faith as it is unrealistic to always have a recording ready - For a bounty claim to be valid the OT and Catch Date must both be verified - Bounties for the current month will expire at the end of the month and new ones will be posted for the following month on a new forum post - Bounty targets are usually selected by a rng system with majority being new living dex entries - Bounty targets will try to be balanced so there are a variety of easy and hard shunts each month Claimed Bounties: 1M Claimed by @Frauts
  14. Congrats to @Amirr on winning April's Monthly Metronome. @Ploegy came in a close second, but the RNG was not enough. Monthly Metronome April - Challonge
  15. IGN: xXxMagneto PVP experience: I'd lie if I say that I have no pvp experience, I've been playing pvp since 2014 (firstly in vermillion and later on matchmaking when it was introduced) even tho I never cared about tourneys and stuff I'd say I have a lot of OU experience. Preferred Tiers: OU (I can play UU too coz todays UU is like old OU, it's just that I don't have any UU teams but if can borrow a team for a match I can cover UU too if needed)
  16. Zoroniwa PVP- I average ace trainer in ransoms, and play even more OU. Prefered tier - OU, UU
  17. IGN: PinkWings PVP experience: played on and off for years Preferred Tiers: Dubs
  18. IGN: BigoMike PVP experience: Some from Scarlet/Violet and watching wolfey Preferred Tiers: UU or NU
  19. IGN: mookerson PVP Experience: played a ton of ranked on Sw/Sh, was Master Ball rank ~5,000 at one point before switching to PokeMMO, played PokeMMO Dubs for a while last year and have participated in a handful of tournaments and events against other teams Preferred Tiers: Dubs, maybe UU or NU team at some point

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