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Team ROO is a laid-back community, filled with Shiny-Hunters & PvPers from around the world! We hope to create a safe and enjoyable space for both newer and experienced players.
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  2. Hello everyone I am happy to announce the results of our Safari Showdown: Catch n Battle! 1st Place - @Brimcatcher 2nd Place - @Praveen 3rd Place - @Sujan All of the rewards should be sent to your in-game mail. Once again, many thanks to @ZPORSCHE for sponsoring and getting the ball rolling on the event and shout out to the staff who helped out with the logistics! We are happy to hear positive feedback about the event and we look forward to working on another format (different catch location probably) in the future.
  3. (Catch n Battle) Thanks to @ZPORSCHE for sponsoring the rewards for this event with a 3 million pokeyen prize pool! Duration Start: July 20th Saturday 1PM EDT Timezones Event lasts until all of the rounds of battling are done Event Details We recommend our members to spend some time researching for the event based off of the catch location and team building rules stated here. Only [ROO] members are eligible to participate. Registration Phase Please refer to our Team Discord for how to register. All of the logistics will be handled there. Catching Phase (45 min) You have 45 minutes to catch Pokemon in any of the Safari Zones in the game - Click on the regions for the breakdown of pokemon you can catch. Kanto Johto Hoenn Sinnoh: https://pokemmo.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Great_Marsh (hyperlink keeps not working) Any Pokemon caught outside of the designated area will not qualify. Legendaries also do not qualify for the battle portion of the event. Prep Phase (15 min) Players will be given time to adjust the team and improve their selected pokemon. You have 15 minutes to do so. Players may need to verify the team is valid After, all competitors must come to Kanto Vermillion City Ch2 Fishing Hut. Here's a list of what you can and cannot do: Battle Phase All participants will be meeting in Kanto Vermillion City Ch2 Fishing Hut. The tournament format will be Winners and Loser's Bracket. The bracket can be seen here. Please let us know ASAP if you would like to join last minute or would no longer be able to participate. Rewards Once again, thank you to @ZPORSCHE for offering to fund the rewards for this event! 1st place Winner's Bracket: 1,800,000 pokeyen 2nd place Winner's Bracket: 800,000 pokeyen 1st place Loser's Bracket: 400,000 pokeyen You may be asked to link all of the Pokemon used during the tournament in-game.
  4. 🎉 Team ROO Fashion Contest Results! 🎉 (Note: @Appable had to drop out due to real-life/work commitments, so scores are out of 60, with each category judged out of 10 per judge.) Thank you to everyone who participated in the Team ROO Fashion Contest! We've seen some incredible styles and creativity from all of you. Here's how the results turned out: Winners: 🥇 1st Place: @Icy471 with 56 points (19 + 19 + 18) 🥈 2nd Place: @Blurpayy with 53 points (17 + 18 + 18) 🥉 3rd Place: @DiscoShiba with 48 points (16 + 12 + 20) 🎟️ Raffle Winner: @ChrisHime Thank you again for your amazing submissions, and happy styling, everyone!
  5. Shake up your shiny hunting journey with this new twist to the shiny hunting bounty board. Either stick to the region you love, or switch it up and try somewhere new! Duration: July 5th 2024 @ 3:00 PM EST Until August 5th 2024 @ 3:00 PM EST or Until all rewards are claimed Region Bounties Whoever catches, hatches, or fossils a shiny pokemon from its respective regional dex first will receive a set of the corresponding competitive-viable starter pokemon at lvl 50 with 3x31 + 2x25 IV's and EV trained. The region the pokemon is from is determined by what number range it shows up on the national pokedex. This information can be found in the in-game pokedex feature. For example: If you caught a shiny Tentacruel in Hoenn, it will count for the Kanto region bounty because it is #73, within the number range of #1~151 for the Kanto dex. Kanto (Dex #1~151) To win 3 Kanto starters: Venusaur / Modest / Life Orb / Hidden Ability Charizard / Timid / Choice Specs / Hidden Ability Blastoise / Modest / White Herb (x20) Redeemed by @envoyz Johto (#152~251) To win 3 Johto starters: Meganium / Bold / Rocky Helmet Typhlosion / Modest / Choice Scarf Feraligatr / Adamant / Life Orb / Hidden Ability Redeemed by @Mikes86 Hoenn (#252~386) To win 3 Hoenn starters: Sceptile / Timid / Life Orb Blaziken / Jolly / Choice Scarf Swampert / Relaxed / Leftovers @ScorchedStorm Sinnoh (#387~493) To win 3 Sinnoh starters: Torterra / Adamant / White Herb (x20) Infernape / Naive / Life Orb Empoleon / Calm / Leftovers / Hidden Ability Redeemed by @Sobelk Unova (#494~649) To win 3 Unova starters: Serperior / Timid / Leftovers / Hidden Ability Emboar / Brave / Assault Vest / Hidden Ability Samurott / Adamant /Life Orb Redeemed by @Farbarbalu Special Bounty Reward for catching a Shiny Kangaskhan: 2,500,000 Pokeyen. +2,500,000 Price match by @Brimcatcher. (5,000,000 total yen!) How to Submit: Bounty Rules:
  6. The Fashion Contest submissions are now closed! We are very impressed with all of our members' wonderful submissions. Please give the judges some time to deliberate on the ranking and we will announce the results as soon as it's ready. Stay tuned!
  7. IGN: EeveeTheJedi Title: Lone wolf and his Haxorus outfit is Head: Grey Werewolf Mask, Back: Battle Axe, Top: Zodiac Dragon Outfit
  8. IGN: zzauQ Title #Cressoon Description: "Wait a minute, that isn't a Cresselia"
  9. "WHO DARES AWAKEN THY.......where the heck am I?" And with the IGN
  10. IGN: Blurpayy "A Long Day at Work; The Coal Miner's Resolve"
  11. IGN: ZPORSCHE ”A story of fire and ice”
  12. IGN: RouteX Taking my gremlin out for a lovely walk
  13. IGN: properpikachu Title: pillars of greatness no named version:
  14. IGN: ChrisHime Ice Cream in the Shade "No Vanillite was eaten in the process of taking this picture" Option without the name because it looks better
  15. IGN: sstoreytime The Red Ranger and his sidekick taking down Team Galactic!
  16. IGN: xMrHector ¨Yin and Yang, Black and White.¨
  17. IGN: bafabs “PvP Trophy Showcase: Rewards earned from Team [ROO] OU PvP Event #1 (Lollipop) and Team [ROO] UU PvP Event #4 (Red Xmas Stocking)”
  18. (Fashion Contest) Show off your style with the rest of Team ROO and see if you have what it takes to conquer the style showdown! Duration: Start: June 19th @3:00 PM EDT End: June 26th @ 3:00 PM EDT Time Zones How to Submit: You must be a Team Roo member to participate. Leave a comment under this post with your IGN, a title, and a screenshot of your submission. (optional) 1-2 sentences further describing your submission. Keep it short and sweet! The screenshot should show your character sprite, your in-game above it (option is in Settings > Gameplay), and your pokemon follower. Example: Judging Criteria: Each submission will be judged by these 3 criteria and receive points on a scale of 1-10 for each section. (Note: Expensive vanities and rare followers will not gain you extra points.) 1. Color Harmony: Assessing whether the colors of the outfit and the follower are well-coordinated and visually pleasing together. 2. Outfit Cohesion: Determining if each piece of the outfit works well together to create a unified look. 3. Contextual Alignment: Evaluating if the outfit fits appropriately within the environment, enhancing the overall look. Judges: @Brimcatcher @Appable @Merdovic Rules: Your submission may be disqualified from winning or entering the raffle if you violate any of the rules stated below. Prizes & Raffle Everyone who participates will automatically be entered into a raffle for a chance to win a bone club! 1st Place- Kaiju Hood 2nd- Crook & Flail 3rd- Steel Elfbot Outfit Raffle- Bone Club Happy styling everyone! Winners:

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