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  1. Dear Devs and mods, Can I please keep annivesary medallion as souvenir item for good? Can you not remove them from the inventory?
  2. Found 2 shinies in the following days after getting kicked from team XD
  3. Two of the ugliest Shinies ever existed Caught today: Caught yesterday :
  4. What are the odds of getting 2 shinies in a single horde???/ this happened today (not mine)
  5. I did it for the crab emoji..please... XD (Last Month)
  6. Found this today with no charm no donator not even leppa XD Found this (shiny metapod #2) on 1/12 , also with no charm no donator not even leppa XD ⬇
  7. 2nd shiny Illumise ! ⬆ This one was chosen to breed a shiny Volbeat , which turned out to be OT, still ! Even though I've never caught shiny Volbeat in the wild. ...and his shiny counterpart ♥
  8. The most OP shunting moment yet in the history of shunting ! A 2/3 shiny horde . ? *this was not me* He killed the LEFT shiny shinx, caught the one on the right ( jollly , 1x31HP) BTW, a notable mention: *this is me*
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