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The #1 Competitive Team in Game
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  2. Crushing the reigning kings on the smogon ladder https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen9ou-2123535853 Going for that number 1 in the world
  3. Went to the pokemon cafe in tokyo, I let the world know who the champions are
  4. KingBowser had his genius sleep talk machamp wake up turn two 16 times in a row. Jstud belly dance Zard survived with 1 hp to activate salac. And Bloo dropped two epic rock slides to win Lyle their first team tournament victory. They didn’t sleep for days looking at the bracket with LYLE at the top. Life was good.
  5. Hello, is LYLE still the greatest team on the server? Last time I played, it was...
  6. 9 years ago, LYLE went on a 4 month Team Tournament streak, still remains to be broken.

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