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  1. You can literally talk to me whenever :p And we can play lots of other games with actual co-op options! My Club Penguin history caught up to me
  2. Couldn't have asked for a better home tbh. And I'll still be on the discord server, don't worry <3 Miss you ozzie, sucks that I won't be there when you're super active again :c Lots of love, my man. And to the rest of the team too <3
  3. Hella. And thank you <3 RNG can't make up for lack of skill, I'm sorry Thanks man, I'll miss you loads <3 Was so much fun playing with you, good luck in everything, hope you find all the shinies you're looking for sooner instead of later. And meh, they can have their power trip c: Whatever makes them feel better :3 OMG SOCKS!!!! YAS, DIBBY IS A FREE ELF <3 And I'm always here to talk to and you know it :3 I'll miss you too. Imagine getting permabanned the week I said I'd mail the candy cane back... BROOOO I'LL MISS YOU SO MUCH ;-; Thank you for all the amazing conversations, memories and tournaments, I'm always on discord if you wanna keep talking about "lit" stuff or want ideas for events I'll never get to use now <3 Thank you so much, that means a lot <3 Love you <3 Stay litty I officially identify as a FreeDibz now Well we might not be able to hunt together but hit me up on discord if you wanna show off your breeds and shinies or wanna talk ^_^ @GodofKawaii that goes for you too. Also you need that bulba. I'll miss you too though :c
  4. That was clickbait ha. Also how is your RNG bad look in the mirror and be grateful smh. And I'll try my best to be active on those servers, just to bug people if nothing else :p Have fun AFK! same Thanks man, thanks for the breeds and comp advice too, and good luck if you decide to play PSL or any tours! <3 And good luck in life! #FreeDibz Finally free from this game lmao gotem
  5. So since I was given an official warning for saying goodbye and wishing everyone luck on their hunts on the shiny thread and my post deleted, I'll just make a little post here I guess. Got permabanned recently (it was bound to happen eventually and out of nowhere, so ha, called it), but it doesn't matter nor bother me too much. What does matter to me are the amazing friends and memories I've made while playing this game, as well as all the fun I've had, whether it was with random people on chat, having meaningful conversations with so many people, shitposting in verm, helping someone out or hosting/playing random fun events and games, this game and the community have been there for me through hospital stays, moving across the country, on good days and bad. And I'm grateful ♥ I have no interest in coming back to the game, but I'll forever remember every single time someone's made me smile or laugh in game, and there's been tons of those every time I logged on. So thank you. As stale as the game itself gets, all of you are what make it fun, and despite the fact that half my friends are super mean to me, they've actually made me a happier and more confident person. I'll miss the game, and everything that went with it, and well, guess I just wanted to say bye. I hope all of you keep having loads of fun when RNG isn't screwing up your life in battle or during hunts. I believe in you. And if you ever wanna do me a favor, go help a noob on Global since those whose jobs it is don't. Unless they're toxic, then tell them to hecc off. Anyway, I really don't know what else to say, I love you? Jk that's gay, I only love @TeamRocketHarry and THAT'S not gay. Thank you guys for making these last couple years some great ones despite me being physically confined to a hospital bed almost half that time (dw I'm not dying, unfortunately) and despite some people trying to ruin Pokemon for me for some reason when I just wanted to have a happy time. And lastly, thank you for showing me that true friendships don't need to be irl, and that you don't even need to know each other's names. I love and appreciate you guys and well, thank you for making me feel loved and appreciated too. :') Peace, love and SRIF ♥ This is Dibz, signing out forever o7 P.S. someone catch that damn shiny Bulbasaur before jonulo does smh Oh and hit me up on Discord now or whenever if you want to keep in touch, it's Dibz!#7637 ^_^
  6. Making it consume 4pp takes a lot of the problems out while still consuming the same about of leppas over 2 use cycles. Did the math once, not gonna bother again. So I support the 4pp usage thing.
  7. Johto was always inside of us <3
  8. It's existed for a while c: the only shinies not posted in this thread so far are an Alomomola and Sudowoodo/Bonsly, or none I've seen
  9. Many, so many people wouldn't be doing it otherwise
  10. Traditionally like what? The anime with Ash which takes place way after Red and Blue have captured each and every Pokemon to register their data into the Pokedex? The game's timeline is that of Pokemon Adventures, so "traditionally" you'd need to catch a Pokemon to document it in your Pokedex. Does that make sense? c: same story with all the other games too. You'd know if you read the dialogue :3
  11. Ask for money on global, works every time
  12. the new amulet coin makes way more money now than it used to though??? But yeah blame the recession among NPCs and fight better ones
  13. Shiny Rate is Fair Jumpeon is Fair <3
  14. Ok now you've gone too far, SRIF isn't a meme
  15. Someone also did the math on the amulet coin thread and it's more profitable to buy and use an amulet coin instead of doing a run without one. Can't find the old post but it's some solid math. It also makes more than the holdable coin did!
  16. No it's real @Kole has more proof it exists! It's just so rare only a few people own it. And isn't it so cool how the sprite is different for each person that encounters it based on that person's deepest darkest secrets?
  17. https://www.windowscentral.com/how-use-nintendo-switch-joy-cons-and-game-windows-pc for playing on PC And yeah CFW for the switch to run android and .exe files
  18. It's how it's worked since Gen 3, works like that even in sword and shield. Why would PokeMMO change mechanics for this one thing? Battle mechanics are the same as main series so yeah. If you look at it realistically, a Pokemon in the ground, up in the air or underwater can see/hear that the opponent switched their Pokemon out for a scary/intimidating one, and they will therefore be intimidated by the opponent. It's an ability while the things you compared it to were moves that would make sense to not be able to hit the opponent in those situations.
  19. You can map joycons to work with the game, actually. I did. You can play this on the switch as well :p
  20. Upvoted. Here's the resource I use, might help in the meantime: https://m.bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_locations_in_other_languages Sometimes, it's still hard to find out what the player's saying due to certain things being phonetic transcriptions in English, but you can copy/paste something off here to tell them to meet you somewhere.
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