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  1. 我只是提供一个入口,实际上你们都懂的
  2. 指的是野外分布查询是吗,这个也做不了,维护成本较大,sry ps:这类型我都归类为图鉴信息,我都认为是官方可以完善的部分,让玩家在游戏里面就可以查询得到
  3. update some contents are out of date and just take the summary in theme post as standard
  4. 图鉴不会做了,可能会做一个包含特性,技能,宝可梦信息的检索
  5. 测试一下遗传链的优化,其他的功能顺便恢复一下
  6. 经过更新和测试,最有效率的刷法现在是使用化学气体特性的瓦斯家族,比我预想的毒疗天蝎还要快,第一回合即可识破索罗亚 这个方案也是我今天早上看到英文论坛有一位玩家提及才知道的 https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/147312-zorua-hunting-tip/ 再补充一个细节,由于瓦斯速度慢,根据逃跑成功率,我方精灵速度能力值大于对面最快精灵1.76倍以上时,才会必定逃跑,根据我的计算,瓦斯家族的速度在62以上是可行的 最后祝大家都能刷出索罗亚,这个效率太高了(这个地方也很有可能成为一个脚本点)
  7. 上午还在和朋友在网页查攻略...


  8. hey,we just finish the online dressroom and want to share it.https://www.pokemmotoolbox.com/english/dressroom. it's easy and just use it,besides downloading the img,you can also copy the dress url and continue designing based on the url. feel free to share your styling here with ingame screenshots or inspiration source as well.
  9. 一位投资失败的人路过~这么多钱可以买麦当劳吃吗
  10. 蓝鼻子大佬,工具箱会一直做吗?

    1. BlueNose



  11. 目标是成为宝可梦奥力给大师 我们遇到什么困难,也不要怕,微笑着面对它,消除恐惧的最好办法就是面对恐惧,坚持,才是胜利!加油,奥力给!
  12. i studied the capture rate in pokemmo for some while and make a website to calc it automatically,most ducoments of balls explain their capture mods and cases,but there still were two balls i didnt know all about their capture mods which were timer ball and nest ball,so i decieded to test them and got results which are: timer ball (1-5):x1;(6-9):x1.5;(10-12):x2.25;(>12):x3 nest ball (Lv.1-10)x3 (Lv.11-20)x2 (Lv>=21)x1 I didn't see the Changelog: 13/08/2018 until today ,now i need to correct it,but its quite close lol.so the left one is nest ball which ducoments that the capture rate is depended on the weakness of pokemon,so how is the weakness defined,my testing result shows its about pokemons' level. and my last question is even we calc it as 100% capture rate in theoretical,but atucally we cant catch it some times,like sleeping Hoppip with great ball and angry magikarp in safari. welcome to use my website to calc the pokemon capture rate(timer ball correct will be some later)
  13. 回答一楼的第三个问题,伤害7-9这个伤害结果其实我只计算了最大值和最小值,因为宝可梦伤害值是五舍六入的,所以有可能取不到值8的。这方面我做的不是很详细,下面是一个例子 151-182,实际上并不是每一个整数值都能取到。 回答一楼第四个问题,这个也不清楚血条红血的临界值百分比 回答三楼第10个问题,可以明确告知除了沙湖,普通的野外精灵晚上睡着了是计算睡眠捕捉修正x2的,很经典的就是夜袭毽子草。沙湖晚上也有精灵睡着,但是没测过那个睡眠是否有加成,因为他比较搞笑,你丢石头他能睡着并生气,你丢诱饵他能睡着吃起来
  14. recently i built a big function for Chinese version which made my cloud server overload many times ,so i decided to add timestamp sign for apis which allows valid access within 120 seconds,but as i looked through the logs i found some players not in china send the 'wrong' timestamp which made the request blocked, i am going to cancel the timestamp sign to deal with the pressing danger. and also with the more and more access its the time to consider about renting cloud server beyond china or upgrading the current cloud server in Shanghai,china. the ts sign caneling will be updated in 24hours since the post and i hope i can translate more useful functions in English version. the recent big function chinese version only is diying your pokemon teams and use them in the harm calculator
  15. 测试过仅水下捕捉有x2.5加成,另外就是装精灵挺好看的...
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