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  1. you didn't make any of this @nurver9 Lmao look at this guy
  2. yea i dont really mind too much tbh i havent been on this game much in the past few months. might return to it when this 10 year update hits depending on what it is
  3. lol i havent been keeping up with anything lol my bad the only important thing to me is keeping my icon mod up to date really any theme aside from the modified android theme i posted is essentially dead unless someone like buda decides to give it love
  4. still lost on what needs to be changed in the codes im a noob heh when it comes to the scripting part
  5. what needs to be done to a theme to make it work again after this update bricked the themes? @budadeth
  6. I know its not your fault, its just the way i feel icons are handled in this game, or maybe its me, but they do come out very blurry in game. as the one who made the gen 8 style icon mod i know how time consuming icon mods can be so thank you for contributing your efforts and good luck with the rest of the mod
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