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  1. Afaik, the NPCs somehow bug when using volt switch (they don't switch), but when I taught volt switch TM to my lanturn it worked perfectly. So idunno. It didn't give me a notification that the move effect wasn't implemented either, so I think it's just an AI thing.
  2. draw one of the new bokemons
  3. Somewhat same as Xatu, had a comp aerodactyl in 2012 that was near perfect, worth twice it's weight in lucky eggs. Traded for a level 70 persian. When bagon just came out, I had a somewhat decent comp salamence, was offered a shiny sandslash for it (4 eggs at the time), declined, should have taken it.
  4. not sure if it's been posted somewhere, haven't been following this stuff, but someone was aut- artistic enough to actually make gen 5 follower sprites. http://hamsterskull.deviantart.com/art/Unova-Overworlds-202087004
  5. There was a discord for the old pokemmo offtopic crew. All they posted was anime tiddies and stupid JRPG shit so I left. I'm pretty sure a new discord would devolve into that too after a few weeks.
  6. i hope trump can settle down some of the (artificial) tensions between russia and the west, cause i don't want a war tyvm. It's really the main thing i hope he keeps his word on
  7. Got a 20 streak in a multi battle, enough battle points to buy a destiny knot instantly. Wasted a bunch of hours of my life on those meowths, they're almost level 70 now
  8. Found a shiny trumbeak while grinding levels, nice
  9. Destiny knot and razor claw are almost impossible to obtain, who did this. I've been going after a destiny knot with 5 level 50 meowths w pickup for like 3 hours now, nothing
  10. this whole thing speaks to me on a spiritual level
  11. should have picked the superior starter
  12. Current team, on my way to defeat the fire totem guy Brionne, Mudsbray, Milktank, Magnemite, Cubone, Crabrawler. Debating wether or not I should try to thief a thick club for my cubone, it's adamant with rockhead so flare blitz is gonna end up killing shit no matter what. Edit: on further inspection, alolan marowak aint worth it, flareblitz at level 53, shadowbone needs a move relearner at nearly the end of the game, gonna go with salandit, caught a nice female naive one earlier Once I get a stufful/bewear i'll end up ditching both milktank and crabrawler. End goal is just an all alolan team So far the amount of cutscenes, handholding and free goodies has been getting kinda annoying, thank god there's a difficulty (that water totem fight totally caught me off guard)
  13. http://pokejungle.net/2016/11/18/pokemon-sun-moon-follow-coming-nintendo-switch/ HELLO?
  14. From smogon forums, lmao imagine finding one
  15. http://pokejungle.net/2016/11/16/early-pokemon-sun-moon-players-banned/
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