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  1. WELCOME N THE CRE TIVE CUBE INFO ABOUT ME: Hi, im Tobi, known as AriiKz, and i really like playling PokeMMO. I started with Pokemon Red when i was 7 years old and since then, im in love with this genre. At 2015 i logged in in PokeMMO, played the Kanto Story and left the game. 5 years later, picked it up again, and there i am :D __________DRAWING SHOP__________ I like drawing and as a kid i've drawn many poke's. So i decides to make a litte shop where people can gimme their wishes on drawings and i can make them happen (probably xd). Time needed: 4-5 hours Time needed: 6-7 hours Time needed: 2-3 hours This one i made for @MoxieMozzie Time needed: 1-2 hours As you can see, i can't color properly so i use less to no colors for painting. If u wish that i paint ur picture.. i can try, but can't promise anything :D ____SIGNATURE & PHOTO SHOP____ I can also make signatures for the forum with animations if wanted. This one is the one i use, and i made it myself. Also i can make photos for banners or youtube channels (mainly 2D pictures). An example is something like that: _________________________________ If there are any more questions u want to know, just lemme know down below. :)
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