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    I literally don't see anything on here tht says leave mind you im on mobile and you would be frustrated too if yu were trying to leave for over a month. If you don't like my threads stay the fuk off my profile
  2. How do you leave a club on mobile on this forum ive tried getting the moderators to disband or pass on the team to someone else and i get nothing but "we'll look into it" or "we'll take care of it" or "we've already done it" but its still showing me as leader
  3. I am the current leader you can look at the picture i screenshot and see. Ive been trying to get away from this topic for 2 weeks atleast and every morning im still leader.
  4. I already knew how to do tht in game i just dont know how on the forum and im on mobile
  5. How the hell do I disband a club on here im stuck as leader of a very inactive Team RevivetheJester and ive asked Sethsen 3 days ago to take me off so i can join another team the other members tht are "active in the guild" are not active on the forum. How to disband or pass leadership and leave
  6. They are never active on the forum and only 8 active ig but i joined TR couldn't get in touch with LEMS
  7. Who do i speak with about leaving my position as leader of team RevivetheJester either disband all together or leaving an executive as leader my team isn't active on the forum and few are active in game
  8. Soo im in pvp and there was someone im going against it would not let me pick my team order so at first I thought it glitched so i waited thinking it would start anyways in order... it did not it randomly selected my first mon only after it timed me down half of my pvp time thst is alloted leaving him with full time
  9. Team Name: RevivetheJester Team Tag: [JEST]Registered Players: -Xandis - Yayoyolo- Mr.badazz- StraightGoldenTeam Captain: Xandis Pull us Out my team isn't ready this was last minute for us but we'll try next month
  10. Team Name: RevivetheJester Team Tag: [JEST]Registered Players: -Xandis - Yayoyolo- Mr.badazz- StraightGolden - DaBabyBOP - Miaindy - Sludgyb-Team Captain: Xandis
  11. Random post to let ppl kno im alive 

  12. Can people steal yur berries if yu aren't there to harvest them
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