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  1. players already do that, true dedicated berry farmers use an average of 6 characters. and i don't think it will "destroy" the market as the harvest time will remain the same. but for those of us who use several characters, this suggestion of planting and watering by plots would not make the work so tedious (with 6 characters it takes me 1 hour to plant).
  2. hi, I am using this method and although it is true that you are a little short of very spicy for day 2 (the first time you do it), but with the planting of cheris of day 2 + those of the next day (day 1 again), you will have enough for the next planting of leppas, and in the long run you will start to have very spicy leppas left over.. i have 4ch with mistralton and abundant, then the 4ch i do abundant and mistralton only cheri
  3. Hi IGN - ToxicParasite Total Playtime - 1630 hs OT Shinies - 1 Smeargle, 1 persian, 1 poliwhirl (persian and poliwhirl sold) Account creation date - 2021/09/26 Notes: First of all I am a Spanish speaker but I am fluent in English (more written than spoken). I'm more dedicated to harvesting leppas and trying to raise money to buy the donor state to start being a shiny hunter and I would like to belong to a team dedicated to this.
  4. I think this full box trading is more focused on the specific ditto traders and not so much on someone casual who put together a box of dittos because he was bored and wanted to sell them. and if you are a specific ditto trader you will have everything arranged to choose X box of dittos, I don't think that whoever is dedicated to this will have them scattered in different boxes mixed with other pokemon. and at most, the system should have a specific button that lets you see your list of boxes or better yet, when you press that button, it should open the "my pc" tab and you can manage it normally, with the option of "multiselect" and all that, so many errors would be avoided.
  5. that's a nice number you got there! so with the 6 characters with abundant, will be something like 5700 +/- i think (950 per ch). I'm gonna to do the same. already have 4 with abundant, almost there bro! full farmers haha but the cost of the tools will be astronomic xD
  6. Yes, I didn't water them when I planted them, I'm new to harvesting so I only know the basics. With the second crop of leppas I did get the 2800 as it should have been before.
  7. thanks for the prompt reply! and with what you tell me I guess the main problem was that I lost yield because of red blinking, I will have to adjust the timers or water the berries when planting to be more sure and then do it at 10 hours again. and as for the lack of seeds, you're right, with the cheri harvest on day 2, I had some left over and they will be adding up as the days go by, I was even able to change the rawst and pecha from character 3 for the mago and aguav and I'm just waiting for them to be ready. just one more question: how could you adjust the plantations having unova complete in the 6 characters?
  8. Hi, I had my first leppas harvest today using your method and I have some questions and observations to make: 1- In the first cheri harvest, the very spicy seeds were not enough to plant leppas, and I had to buy 70 extra seeds. 2- at the end of the leppas harvest, I only got about 2300+ does it affect anything if I water when the droplet counter is red? I followed the method to the letter with the 6 characters, 3 full tesselia and 3 only with mistralton, and I even copied your timers. Was it just bad luck or did I do something wrong? sorry for the long text xD
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