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  1. Rip shinys, at least it was somewhat fun trading and dealing with shinys while it lasted, but from what i can see, the devs dont seem to care about shinys rarity or their values, so its just gona get worse with time. Sure, there is still gona be shiny trading around, but its just going to become even more irrelevant and unrewarding than it already is. Funny thing is the most valuable things in the game ended up being a couple of vanitys, owned by a few players that will obviously never trade or sell them, since they will just theoretically keep raising in value because they will never come back, sure nothing wrong with them not coming back, but every other thing in the game gets fucked up in value because all are unlimited. Sad to see considering shiny traders are some of the most dedicated players in this game.
  2. Hatches a shiny totodile "I have the worst luck ever"
  3. someone got a caravanha yesterday on feebas tile and i seen another ones, the streamer even found a tentacool while surfing lf feebas iirc, is just that feebas appears much more than caravanha when u find the tile
  4. druddigon is docile 17/19/14/20/30/8 and shelmet adamant 30/3/23/0/12/22
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