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    Can I have the channel 4 originals repelling the spanish/french invasion? (this was back in august so we all looked the same) (its pretty much just 6 ash ketchums yelling at people from different countries)
  2. [quote name='CipherWeston' timestamp='1365092785' post='265489'] [b]Slot:[/b] Hat/Mask [b]Image:[/b] deadmau5's helmet. [spoiler][img]http://uploads.dancingastronaut.com/2011/06/DMAU555-600x309.jpg[/img][/spoiler] [/quote] OMFG YES. A THOUSAND TIMES THIS. WITH COLOR CHANGE OPTIONS!!
  3. Type:hair [spoiler][img]http://starsmedia.ign.com/stars/image/object/142/14220298/guile_street-fighter_pictureboxart_160w.jpg[/img][/spoiler] Why? Because this hair goes with everything. and when i get it I can finally go home and be a family man. [spoiler][img]http://images.pushsquare.com/news/2009/08/check_out_paul_phoenix_kicking_some_ass_in_tekken_6/attachment/0/large.jpg[/img][/spoiler] Or this hair because Paul Phoenix kicks ass to fund his hair gel budget.
  4. Type:Hat A Hat to fuel Taco night fun. [spoiler][img]http://www.photo-dictionary.com/photofiles/list/2455/8394sombrero.jpg[/img][/spoiler]
  5. The main reason our block lists are filling are because we block someone who we don't want to see and then forget they ever existed. Without a way to view exactly who you've blocked theres no way to remember the names of just everyone you have blocked. I doubt people are blocking you and other non-english speakers just because you are speaking another language. The more likely reason is you are speaking a non-english language in a channel that is currently speaking in english and are flooding the chat with stuff the english speakers cant read. Your intentions may be harmless but could easily be avoided by asking first in english if there are any speakers of your native language online or maybe even switching channels till you find a conversation in your chosen language.
  6. I've had a full blocklist for months. If not unlimited space, maybe you could let us view our block list and unblock people who have stopped trolling or who have quit the game. I can't remember the name of everyone I blocked who went "I R U haz Tehl JlUMPEOrN sToNe givez n me ur shinieSSSS".
  7. Exploud sounds extra cool! Maybe you could put him half behind me to save a bit of space!
  8. Woah! Super cool! The hair is perfect! Umm if any change at all could be made I'd ask for a pokemon to my right ( i thought I put that in the post but, silly me left it out derp).....the thing is I can't decide which pokemon would suit a DJ....and i feel kind of greedy asking for one lol....... Other than that this thing is PERFECT!!! I do like the wires!! EDIT: If no other inspiration for a DJ-type pokemon comes, you could always make it so I'm motioning to my shiny Tangela ^_^
  9. Woo top of the list. The art just keeps getting better and better!
  10. Splitting the queues makes my name rise on the list which makes me pretty happy, although I need to keep telling myself just because its near the top doesn't mean it'll get done faster lol. 3 queues = 3x more uncertainty on what you'll work on next.
  11. WOW! those are awesome!! I always knew dragonair was a badass B| Seeing all this artwork makes me so anxious to see how my request turns out! AHH I can't wait!
  12. Hello! I've been looking at all your AMAZING art and I'm so totally jealous of your skill and talent. I'm also jealous of all the sweet artwork people have been getting. If i could request a trainer sprite I might die a happy man. If you could draw a male with blonde hair blue eyes in a purple shirt with wide legged black pants and large DJ style headphones I would be eternally greatful
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