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  1. I think most ppl would agree, the option to speed up battles would definitely be nice. Compared to many other games, they are faster pace. I don't think anyone enjoys sweet scenting hundreds of times for days or weeks for shiny hunting, and waiting for long battle introductions. However, i'm guessing that would impact the amount of encounters ppl can catch breeders and shinies for example. which would over flood the market and change the economy values, which I would be ok with.. Like they could make the eggs hatch way quicker, but it's purposely meant to take time. I feel like it was a bit of a step backwards to take away the run away ability to save us a second or two. Should battles be faster, yes i agree, it would make it more enjoyable and easier to grind. Will it happen? probably not.
  2. this counter seems to get messed up, (especially when switching windows) and then difficult to reset and fix it.
  3. this needs an update to include untiered
  4. need another fixedgaming signachuur Shiny Dragonair with the extra copies pls - your #1 fan
  5. Pretty sure both candidates can continue to help the community, make guides or videos, work on projects or host tournaments without the Mayor title. Right? Does the title come with any specific qualifications, requirements, benefits or powers? cuz if not, i don't really see the point of a mayor election, if it's an empty title. Elections and titles should hold substance and meaning. I honestly just don't get the point or purpose of this. And if it's all just a meme, then this seems to be going too far. I rather staff focus on releasing sinnoh region / dungeons/ events and new content
  6. Team Name: HyruleXHeros Team Tag: [HURO] Registered Players: Borowskus, DeadeyeDonny, Kline, JcanSCREAM, BossHogg, chuur, EVLGOON, GBush, GucciGanon, GiftofGod Team Captain: Kline
  7. literally the best signature guy there is! so bootiful and amazing! Fixedgaming, when you got time this weekend can you make me a SNORLAX signachuur? how ever u want, surprise me
  8. My Signatures from Akshit, Fixedgaming, and Daeynis
  9. Name: chuur Team Tag: [HURO] Character(s)/Pokemon(s): Shiny Lapras Render (Optional): Artic ocean with icy glaciers, or Beach w/ Night sky Theme Colors: Dark cool colors, dark blue, teal, purples black, avoid too many warm colors Type of Artwork: signature Animated?: yes please Donation: 200k no rush, just send me a message when done, thanks
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