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  1. Is she worth anything? I mean 2012 shiny, shit iv
  2. NU largeflower vs Quave in 10 min
  3. Yeah. 6 sweeps tactic. Either fast win or fast defeat. Maybe you will understand it someday :)
  4. IGN: Quave Country: Poland Tiers: UU,NU
  5. Team Name: Team Kult Team Tag: Kult Registered Players: RAVAEL, Zielonooki, Shershen, Kronol, Paczus, Kryso, Ranbon, Galoss, SlimMatt, ArashiBlackStorm, Kicak, Quave Team Captain: Quave
  6. today from my teammate, finally some rares for Kult : D
  7. Team: Team Kult Tag: Kult Players: Sewi, Kryspin, Paczus, Ranbon, Deniseg, Tazyovx, Ravael, DigiSuperMasa, Piotreg, AntyWampirrek, Galoss, Quave Captain: Quave
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