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  1. People desire the truth, yes. But even when they have it they refuse to look. How do we fight this kind of ignorance?

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    2. Zakaveli


      Nah, still dead just monitoring everything

    3. TeamRocketHarry


      *cough* creeper


    4. Malorne


      by not reproducing

  2. Don't bite the hand that feeds ya, you might turn around and need it

  3. not bashing on being lazy because i'd really do the same thing but make sure everything is still in, the clauses link been broken for few tournaments now and i thought you guys would have it fixed by now
  4. i know you staff members are lazy and just copy paste a standard template and change things around but when you do i think it'd be wise to check if your links still work like the clauses one, sigh
  5. The developers are going to hate you for this suggestion if they do decide to program this, since it's gonna be alot of work loll
  6. FUARK dat shiny sneasel as prize whoever wins that sneasel, i have a kidney i'd like to trade for it
  7. for some people it is a long time, just because you have way more time to play this mmo than others and feel less satisfaction breeding godly pkmn fast, doesn't mean others who dont have alot of time to grind have to suffer from your desire for a difficulty increase there's a reason why breeding is easy and should NOT be compared to your runescape reference. for instance, pkmn are worth atleast a hundred times less than a partyhat was back in the early days (keep in mind, we're still at ALPHA stage). also considering the amount of pokes we have to breed for each competitive tier and pkmn with different sets. when you've bred and raised around 100 competitive pkmn (i dont even have 50 and im from 2012 lol), you dont even get close to the value of a partyhat soon (2018 (tm)) there will be more content to grind from like battle tower, legend dungeons and all that crap, and you suggest making breeding harder when we need more pokes to use for the soon added content? does that even make sense?
  8. what do you not understand? i refuse to take an entire week to breed one comp pkmn. what people enjoy the most on this game or practically any game is pvp, and the only way for this game to get big is to promote that through cheap pokes
  9. somewhat #100 on this bitch but yea ign: precedence
  10. i hate the fact tho id have to create a group chat on a different software. im really lusting for an ingame inner sanctum chat for officers/leaders (group based whispers type of chat) in my team
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