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  1. Hey! I want to sell this absolutely beautiful follower. It is beautiful to look at both when just walking or when entering a battle. The price I'm asking for is 85m but I am negotiable with the right buyer who will treat it right. Fell free to DM me In-Game or react to this topic, And have a lovely day
  2. @Damian Hi, 'normal' player here πŸ‘‹ As a normal player id like to point out that us normal players usually watch videos and anime while shunting for hours. And even if we don't watch anything it's pretty hard to pay attention for 5+ hours for a slightly different colored pokemon in a group of five sometimes. I agree that this feature is not essential, and it is a gift for the players, but, since you've already added it, and your player base rely on it, why not officially tell them it's not working? I mean it's just another line you can add to the description of the update. The moment you put this feature in the game, us normal players got used to it, and we did rely on it, and I'm just super glad I got to learn about it from a discord channel I'm in, and pretty much disappointed that it wasn't an official statement. I feel sorry for all those who are going to lose a shiny because they never knew the feature was removed/bugged.
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