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  1. Welcome back and have fun! ;)
  2. Good morning dear, I recommend you to ask for support on the following link: https://support.pokemmo.com Create your ticket, then a PokeMMO Staff member will reply as soon as possible. Remember to always use the PokeMMO support website for ban appeals. Have a nice day. KRs,
  3. So true, one of the most romantic stories with time traveling ever, but I didn't want to mention it because I thought it could spoil, somehow
  4. Getting updated on everything ASAP!

  5. Yo yo yo, welcome welcome! It feels really more real, indeed! Best example is here: https://forums.pokemmo.com/index.php?/clubs/ Wish you the best my man!
  6. Hello hello dear players, Hope you are doing well! (if not, scream and eat a baguette with me) I have been inactive since a while now (sometimes I come online In-Game, I walk, I kill a Raticate, then I go offline) but I would love to "seriously" play the game again. I have a question for you, veterans or new players: can you give me the possible journeys in PokeMMO today? In "simplier" words: what are you doing in PokeMMO everytime you come In-Game? Kindly regards, The curious but annoying potato brain Diano
  7. Just finished again Steins;Gate and even after years, it's still a masterpiece. If you haven't watched it yet, gogogo! It's 99% sci-fi, and 1% fantasy!
  8. Okay guys, let's give some news regarding my PokeMMO journey.

    I haven't played the game "seriously" since years now.

    Why? Because I'm too bad at playing several games at the same time.


    But this year I should really come back. I want to reach some objectives on some other games first.

    Then I'll learn everything that I missed here.


    I'll post here when I'm back in the game, but for now, I'm the ghost on the forum.


    Take care!! 

  9. Hell's Paradise is actually cool. Good start with this episode 1, in case you are looking for something new to watch
  10. My Hero Academia is actually going on a good way, in case anyone wants to retry the anime or discover it
  11. Looks like a long way to go if I want to see every new things in the game, ooof.



  12. Feels good company

  13. Randomly had your name in mind, mais t'es un gars cool, sache-le. 


    *back to his cave*

  14. nier automata speedrun is cool, pog

  15. asol is balanced now, without a single bug that we can abuse in RANKED games haha... ha..
  16. Diano


    welcome back dude
  17. Chibi me + Kyubey 👀😳

  18. A living doll huh, welp, welcome and enjoy your stay!
  19. Welcome, and have fun! Kind regards, Diano
  20. Quick reminder (actually didn't watch this teaser o.o): Keep an eye on Puella Magi Madoka Magica official accounts on Twitter & more! We might get some news this year. 👀 ~Walpurgisnacht~
  21. Welcome. Catch'em all. ~
  22. Hello and welcome! One of my favorite Pokémon game is probably Pokemon Soulsilver, I enjoyed every single thing in this game. Especially how they talked about the story around the legendary pokemon. I also loved to play Pokémon Platinum. I've started to play with "competitive teams" in this generation. I was one of the first players in my country calculating my EVs and IVs and taking all my battles seriously, haha! If we don't count the official games, well, maybe it would surprise some people around here, but PokeMMO is also one of my favorite games all time. Whatever I could say, I spent a lot of my life here. I love everything that happened in this game, even the "dramas". It actually helped me to "grow up". Anyway, have fun in your journey and I wish you the best for your next hours in PokeMMO & Pokemon games in general, Benny. Cya! ~ Oh, if you need help during your journey, don't forget to contact the Game support. They rock. Kindly regards, Flo
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