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  1. All of the basic GEN 3 IPS sprite replacement patches should work just fine with the universal randomizer (I don't personally guarantee it, but as just a sprite replacement I don't see you running into any problems). You're not the only person to ask. :P I'll see about getting a more in-depth guide with a link to my latest set of scripts posted up this weekend. That said you should be aware that the more complex a mod is (and ultra-violet looks like a fairly significant one) the greater chance that you won't be able to mod the sprites successfully without getting some information from the mod creator. There's still a fairly good chance that at least one of the tools will work, but it is a possibility. Also know that while I'll happily share, my scripts are designed for my particular system/setup and will almost certainly require at least a few tweaks to run smoothly anywhere else. It'll be up to you whether you want to spend the time updating the scripts to run for you (look into the autohotkey language) or just do things by hand (took me around 4-6 hours for the initial update depending on clicking/computer speed, much less after that).
  2. If you get a change accepted into the Revival thread or the Mega thread then it'll get replaced here on the next update. You can also feel free to replace them for your own personal version either with the advance series toolset, gen 3 toolset, or in the case of the modfile, 7-zip (the modfile is literally just a .zip file, you can just unzip it and take a look; the image formatting is pretty straight forward). I can definitely add in any that get made to the mod version if you were feeling creative, sure. For reference here's the formatting of the image (this one was taken from the Gen 5 Follower sprites mod): It's a 4x4 grid of 16 30x30 pixel images (total image should be 120x120) on a transparent background. As I understand it the four images in a given row are the frames the animation cycles through. Shinies should be in a duplicate PNG of their own. (Funnily enough it also looks like follower sprites support gender differences, despite the actual normal sprites themselves not supporting them). Since it's loaded only for the mod there shouldn't be any color palette limitations, though obviously you'd want it to look like the normal sprite as much as possible. If you do decide to post any it'd be helpful to get their number's posted alongside any final versions as well to make sure they get to the right spot; I'm not ashamed to admit I can't always recognize every pokemon in the later gens, especially when moeized. The full naming convention is "#-b-n.png" where "#" is the number, "b" can be replaced with 'm'/'f' if you wanted gendered versions, and 'n'/'s' for normal/shiny versions at the end.
  3. You're welcome! It's always nice to hear that you managed to help someone experience the work that the many artists of moemon have put in. :)
  4. A moemon version for the MMO already exists. Check out the "Other Moemon Port", which has an MMO mod version that combines the amazing sprite work done both here and in the Revival thread.
  5. In short: Revival thread (this thread) - Only HQ final sprites are inserted into the patch. Contains older sprites that haven't had replacements that meet the quality threshold. Contains sprites up through Gen III. No gameplay changes. Mega thread - Looser quality requirements allowed replacing some old sprites where the replacements were rejected in the Revival thread. Contains sprites up through Gen V. Currently missing many sprites. Contains other gameplay changes. Other Ports - Compilation of newest sprites from the other two's latest releases (allowing players to get any Mega thread updates without the linked gameplay changes). Has patch versions for other Gen III games and a MMO mod version as well. Contains sprites up through Gen III on the IPS patches and through Gen V on the MMO mod (which additionally includes placeholder moemon from much older, high-gen moemon postings). That said I'd like to make sure to iterate that no actual sprite development occurs in the Other Moemon Ports thread though; sprite development is purely limited to this thread and the Mega thread, and all sprites used in the Other Ports are received second hand through the latest releases posted in this and the Mega threads at the time it updates. (And in fact if you posted a sprite there I'd probably just suggest that you repost it in one of the other two threads).
  6. Then I'm not sure what you're smoking man. Both of the large ones and the small one are identical (other than a very, very slight hue difference, most likely because of a different interpolation setting on your photo gallery app). If you want there to be less sharp edges on, say, the bottom edge of the tail then you're going to need to replace those pure black pixels that make up the outline with something less harsh. There's nothing "broken" going on here; all three pictures match and the programs are working like they should from the looks of it.
  7. Could be a palette issue? Personally I've never used NSE and your picture isn't particularly descriptive (or at least I can't tell what the problem you are having is from looking at it) so I don't know.
  8. You have no idea how much trouble Sapphire gave me; this whole update would have come out a week ago if Sapphire hadn't thrown a hissy fit, refused to work with my patched Gen 3 toolset without corrupting, and require a whole new set of scripts just for it. XD The whole process is indeed heavily automated through a handful of Autohotkey scripts/python scripts/batchfiles that run fairly smoothly now (I assure you that there were many times in the development process where I pressed go, read my book for a couple minutes, and then scrambled for the kill button as one script or another started renaming every file in the directory to "e_.png", "e_e_.png", "e_e_e_.png" or decided it was time to happily copy/paste a file across my desktop a few thousand times). I think it was well worth it if it lets me showcase some of the art you, Moetal, the many other amazing moemon spriters have made in an easily accessible format for players though. And thanks for the report about the broken emerald shinies. I'll look into putting together a fix for that, though I think I'll wait at least a week barring serious issues to actually release the 2.1 patch; that should give others time to furret out any other issues I can squash while I'm at it.
  9. Any chance I could get the Other Moemon Emerald Port removed and the successor version (The Other Moemon Ports) put into the Mods section? While it still has all the Gen 3 IPS stuff it's currently the only working Moemon mod for the MMO (and the mod version has extra Gen IV/V pokemon) so that aspect should be priority for the category it ends up in if possible.
  10. IT LIVES!! After much delay due to real life and some procrastination I've finally got a version I'm happy with put together. That sad news is, of course, that for the moment I've had to drop the Sigma Emerald version of the patch. I'll be looking into potentially restoring it sometime in the future, but no promises. I've also fixed it up for the MMO to be functional again, as well as found a large number of placeholder moemon that were scattered around the web for the Gen 4/5 that I've included. As always though, I'd much prefer to use moemon created right here, so if you want to see more of those than head on over to the Mega Moemon project and offer your aid (it's really not as hard as it seems). I'll try to keep an eye on this a bit more closely at least in the immediate future in case you guys catch any errors; my pokedex on the MMO is lacking in particular, so I couldn't actually verify a fairly significant part of the modfile for that, so I'd love to hear that everything is working correctly (or what isn't). Also by demand I've included hashcodes for the proper ROM's that you should be using for the patch, so if you are of the mind to you should be able to double-check that you have the proper one if something is breaking.
  11. With a bit of work I managed to recover/update the palettes for the current castform. These require the use of the Gen 3 Hacking Suite to put into the game; the Advance Series tools break the pallets badly (which results in the black/white monstrosities currently in the game).
  12. Hey everyone sorry for the continued delay; I finally got the chance to get my hands on the source code to the Gen III Hacking suite tool to patch some of the stupid bugs in it and have been doing a little bit of script updating to take advantage of it's capabilities (I've got a fixed version of castform I'll be posting over in the Mega Moemon thread) as well as working on updating my MMO scripts to work with the new numbers. I also stumbled on an old Moemon archive with most of the new gen pokemon, so I'm looking into getting placeholders from that firmly into the MMO mod version (obviously the Gen 3 doesn't need them). I won't promise an exact date for the next release of this (I think I've broken those promises enough times at this point :P), but I will say that I've successfully ran scripts all of the way through a test patch for plain old Emerald on my end, so I'm starting to get closer to getting everything updated.
  13. I can look into getting these up with/once I finish with this update to all the versions. Do you have any programs that you would suggest looking into for creating those?
  14. Sorry about vanishing everyone, life got kinda crazy there for the last 6 months or so (new job, new city, new girlfriend, the works)! I'm gonna do my best to look into updating this again; can't guarantee that it'll come out today but I'll do what I can to try to get an update out by the end of the weekend.
  15. Yeah, as a general rule sprite/move/pokemon data replacements/changes + randomizer = okay, anything more (including additions) + randomizer = not.
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