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  1. Got 3 of them a few days ago, but I think the rare candies are everywhere there.
  2. I´m also eager forward this. I don´t know how can they implement this, but if they can, it would be an awesome feature to have.
  3. I also found: 10x max elixirs 10x max ether 10x pp ups. Indeed a gamble, but I´m still buying them. the 10x pp up certainly was a cool reward.
  4. I hope for this as well. Gen 4 brought a lot of offensive items which would allow to break the omnipresent stall teams in this game.
  5. Next time please stick to the time proposed. I reached to the area at 9:01 and a lot of matches had already been done. GG
  6. We could make it in kanto. We just need a couple of grasses extra somewhere where the contest takes part. And a new npc. OR We could use the second isle link stuff to do this.
  7. Hi, in Hearthgold//Soul Silver there is a bug contest where you go on a zone which there are only bug wild pokemons. It could be fun if we had access to one. To make it more appealing you could make so the pokemon obtained have at least 1x31. This could be made once per day, somewhere suitable for this, and, like in the handheld, you get to keep only one of the pokemons caught. What do you think?
  8. I have been searching but I found nothing. Can someone tell me which items can I received from mystery box? So far I got: 10x PP UP 5x PP max 3x TM13 (Ice beam) 3x TM24 (Thunderbolt) 3x TM35 (Flamethrower) 5x rare candy 5/10 x max exther 3x TM23 (Iron tail) 10x max elixir 10x Lava cookies Rocket Hat Mystery Box Green Motorbike Helmet Up-grade EDIT: Since this apparently is a mystery, tell me every drop you had been so far to add to my list. This should help.
  9. If not, then my point stands. This can be useful.
  10. Can you do it even after a disconnect?
  11. Hello, I´m here to bring this with an idea. Is it possible to create an option in the whispers or community menu, to show the last players you whispered to? When the server crashed, or whatever happened, I was talking to someone, which I can´t recall the name. This would be great for situations like that. Also if you logout or dc´s, this would be a cool tool. Thanks.
  12. wow, in officials I never get to register in time, but here, second time I´m last hehe.
  13. Hi guys, I came up with one idea that probably had been mentioned somewhere. The idea is to have a specific npc, which comes up with a quest each day. The quest could be something of your liking, but it could be something like this: npc asks for a jolly ponyta, within that day, you can show him the desired pokemon, then, the npcs sums the total iv of the pokemon and gives you a small reward based on that value. Cash is the easiest rewards cause it can be scaled easily by ranges of 10 ivs for example. What do you think? PS: The shown pokemon should be a wild catch, to avoid breeds. Also I would like you to bring up more ideas for quests like this.
  14. Damn, I wanted to host in the room before the champion.
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