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  1. I should have heard the people that said I would not beat him, I wasted a lot of money but after making a amazing team it's all wasted, I should have just grinded...
  2. Title: Poor lost sheep, welcome to the cult. Nickname: Msthenry
  3. Thank you guys, now I can do my special outfit haha, this thread can be closed.
  4. Hi, I don't know if this helps but some sprite mods I saw use text files named table-back-scale (1=0.165, 2=0.165, etc), table-front-scale (1=0.5, 2=0.5, etc) and table-summary-scale (1=1, 2=1, etc), those are the numbers I saw for each text files, I think back = back sprites, front = front sprites and summary = summary sprites.
  5. The one that blinks, I really need the green one! how much does it cost?
  6. You gonna win this, I believe in you trainer!
  7. I don't remember if there is a option to sort by pokemon type but that would be good too!
  8. It should be possible on the next update unova uses 2vs2 if I remember.
  9. This topic is about suggestion spam that happens everyday in the forum people suggests a lot and mostly will not be accepted. so.... what about puting a limit of suggestions per day, week or month? I'm doing this because users like Xatu doesn't stop suggesting things she already know will not be accepted with this we don't necessarily need to ban instead just a limit?.
  10. It seems like you want to control us '-'
  11. This is what makes the game great, if you don't like it, simply stop playing and please also stop creating more threads you're giving cancer It seems like a total PTS this is what makes the game boring.
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