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  1. hey guys i just realized what would moemon look like in orginal pokemon silver
  2. i noticed some devaint art people making 7 gen moemon its kinda intresting too seeing that
  3. i hope we can have an update soon for the hoen pokemon in the game ( sincei twitch stream abit a few fans like to see me play moemon emerald also playing moemon fire red from you guys but i still wanting to help out but i trying to learn to draw pixels abit 0
  4. hey i found a bug in game https://imgur.com/Be2YVar it is funny flash doesnt show in game it is a blank
  5. when will they bring out a revail version of meomon emerald cuz these look awesome id like to see one of silver and gold but so pretty but if we have an updated version on fire red can antone tell me where to get it -blushes-
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