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  1. hey guys i just realized what would moemon look like in orginal pokemon silver
  2. i noticed some devaint art people making 7 gen moemon its kinda intresting too seeing that
  3. i hope we can have an update soon for the hoen pokemon in the game ( sincei twitch stream abit a few fans like to see me play moemon emerald also playing moemon fire red from you guys but i still wanting to help out but i trying to learn to draw pixels abit 0
  4. hey i found a bug in game https://imgur.com/Be2YVar it is funny flash doesnt show in game it is a blank
  5. i have a visaul boy advance emulator and i cant figure out how to trade on moemon for trade evulation on pokemon can anyone help....
  6. i tried that and it still dosnt show my pokemon has moemon
  7. okay i have the patches ofr moemon i just kinda cant get them into pokemmo can anyone help with this please
  8. hmm okay then how do add moemon to pokemmo
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