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  1. Was thinking about it and I think it would be pretty awesome if our team tags were included with our names on the matchmaking rankings system. Would be fun to see and could also make it a bit more competitive.
  2. ENDGAME PvE CONCEPT This is a idea/suggestion towards adding end game PvE into the pokemmo world. Albeit this is most likely an implementation that would take place much further in the future. DUAL DUNGEONS What is it? The Dual Dungeon are instanced dungeons meant to be played with two players (and possibly more). Essentially it is a several floor/area dungeon that has puzzles and such that can only be solved with two players. The players would travel the dungeon solving the puzzles, while fighting wild doubles battles. How do encounters work? As the player walk around the map, they encounter wild pokemon like normal, except they are doubles battles and each player sends out one pokemon. Encounter rates would be lower than normal to balance the amount of encounters. What's this about two players? The Dual Dungeons system for the first time introduces actual team play with other players to take down pokemon and traverse the dungeons. Puzzles can range from multiple buttons and weight plates to hard to reach places. Of course these are just some examples, who knows what are talented game devs might come up with. Both players will always be in the same areas. If one of them walks through a door or falls in a pit hole both players will teleport to the connected area. What's at the end of the dungeon? Waiting at the end of these dungeons are challenging bosses, possibly legendaries. No bag items will be usable in boss battles. Some of these could even be like trainer fights; for example Mewtwo send out pokemon to fight you first, before you get to fight him in the end. Or maybe it the boss at the end of the dungeon is a trainer? "Was that Ash that just ran down that corridor?", "Did that meowth just talk?!" And the rewards? Well first of the experience itself. Who doesn't want the chance to go level with a buddy in a multi-player dungeon? Next is the pokemon, this can be used to incorporate rare and unique pokemon, or pokemon with special moves or abilities. "But hey, wait a minute you say! What's a dungeon without treasure?" and I say how right you are my friend. Who knows what item filled pokeballs await you in these dungeons? Please feel free to comment, question, add ideas or suggestions, likes or dislikes, ect.
  3. I'm not sure how difficult this would be, I'm no programmer, everything would be difficult for me . But what about having a "Last Online" time section in the Social tab for all our friends. For example, it may say Last Online: (5 hrs 23 min ago) This could be useful for multiple reasons. Some reasons may include just knowing what times your friends are generally online so you can sync up schedules better. Also, as someone who plans to be starting a my own team very soon it would be useful for keeping track of my active members. So, for example, if i see someone hasnt been online in a month an a half, and they haven't notified me of any vacation plans or something, i can kick them. I think its a good idea at least.
  4. Okay this is a sort of followup on my last suggestion about teams which would drastically change things. Since teams are not top priority I have come up with a few more feasible and simple ideas that would would make management so much easier and not physically affect things in the MMO. First off would be a small panel showing when the person last logged onto the server in the Team Roster. I am pretty sure this has been suggested before but it's worth mentioning since this would be more or a management update. The second feature would be team roster filters. These filters would allow you to sort by when the person joined, rank, last time logged in, and alphabetically. This would make sweeping and keeping track of roster so much easier. My last suggestion is another one suggested alot, more ranks. In some threads and on Global most people go on and say "MORE RANKS PL0X" and scream at Desu. However more ranks would benefit us a ton. Lets say 2 more ranks were added, this would allow one rank for more diversity with permissions. Officers might not be able to kick but be able to invite but "Captains" (just naming for simplicity) would be able to do both. This would allow for paranoid leaders to give certain perms to trusted people instead of having two ranks. I appreciate all sorts of feedback whether good or bad but please keep in mind "GO SEARCH BETTER" doesn't really apply to this unless you find a thread that compiles these ideas in one spot. If you do then go right ahead and tell me off.
  5. Leader~Zaiya Officers~ Lanakila NyanBunny Recruitment Requirements~ ~Must be an active pokemmo player. ~ Preferred competitive players, or players interested in learning how to play competitive. We will be hosting recruitment tournaments, for those who would like to join. Contact an officer to join. Attention, team has been disbanned!
  6. So the idea is as following. 1. Select a theme together and agree to it. (First step so post your ideas or suggestion on what you want to see us create together) 2. Everyone takes a part of the GUI, Like 1 person does Menus while the other person does ,Buttons,Chat, login background,Battle interface,Fonts,Icons(Close Handles),Status Icons,Type icons,Monster Types. 3. Everyone can give feedback on each others work accept it and do something with it don't get mad if someone criticizes your work. 4. Files will be shared in the topic uploading it the mediafire or other hosting websites. 5. Create an epic GUI Made by everyone. 6. Lets Do This. 7. IMPORTANT: Do not forget ! if you download a file make sure to scan it for viruses. Just post your name and what you would like to contribute to this GUI. List of people and there function/parts in the GUI creation. Login Screen(Background): whodafispaul
  7. Join if you want it is a small group of friends! Reasons to join 1. We are regulars 2. EVERYONE ON POKEMMO IS MY FRIEND! your not excluded, 3. LvLs Dont matter 4. NOW RECRUITING !!!!!!!! To join our team, my ingame name is "Pandey" pm me !
  8. TEAM THEPIA [THPA] We are a competitive team! Leader: [spoiler]ChampionEdward[/spoiler] Officers: [spoiler]None[/spoiler] Members: [spoiler]None[/spoiler] APPLICATION FORM: [spoiler] Age: IGN: Do you have good competitive pokemon (must be level 50 or higher)?: How long have you been playing PokeMMO?: [/spoiler]
  9. Team: SugarRush WE ARE ON CH.2 <3 ~~Rules~~ - Be active - All members must attend at least 1 event per month - Share love - If anyother member needs help, HELP THEM if you can<3 - Dont scam - Be nice ~~Apply~~ IGN: .... Age: (Optional) Where are you from: .... Competitive/Shiny Collector/Casual ?: .... Why do you want to join?: .... Tell me about yourself: .... ~~HQ~~ Spoiler ~~Roster~~ Leader VanellopeSweetz Officers Mariigoldjade Koyzumi Members RedOBieber Xortem Mintblaadje Jaaayy WallaceTwoPoint0 Lairbear Creatorr Drowsiness
  10. Team: SugarRush WE ARE ON CH.2 <3 ~~Rules~~ - Be active - All members must attend at least 1 event per month - Share love - If anyother member needs help, HELP THEM if you can<3 - Dont scam - Be nice ~~Apply~~ IGN: .... Age: (Optional) Where are you from: .... Competitive/Shiny Collector/Casual ?: .... Why do you want to join?: .... Tell me about yourself: .... ~~HQ~~ [spoiler][/spoiler] ~~Roster~~ Leader VanellopeSweetz Officers Mariigoldjade Koyzumi Members RedOBieber Xortem Mintblaadje Jaaayy WallaceTwoPoint0 Lairbear Creatorr Drowsiness
  11. You have Blissey? Well Fuck You! "ELECTRODE used EXPLOSION" "A critical hit!" "BLISSEY fainted!" We are the knights of the round table... well ok, not really. We are a new team that gathered and are on our way to reach the top of the competition. Our goal is to win tournaments and make "good" players mad by beating the shit out of them. If you think you can handle this task and become the best of the best, then don't hesitate to contact me or one of the officers and challenge us to a level 50 battle. If you manage to perform well (not always a win needed), we will gladly invite you to our team. It might seem strange but we also have a few rules/conditions that have to be fulfilled: Don't be a dickhead Bring a good sense of humor along Insulting will not be tolerated Be active We might even accept applicants that don't have competitive level 50 Pokemons. However, you must be cool enough for us to let you onboard. What's going on in our team chat? We analyze and help eachother build up a team for upcoming tournaments. We also have tons of fun fooling around and enjoy the game. The team so far Leader: Pelagoth Vice Leaders: OhShetItsaZubat & FateRin Officers: InsaneReaper, Vincentio & Vulpix Current Members: [spoiler] DarthPenguin Ramonn Skrazey Asja MouldyCarrots SkilledVictini JHeaJHaY SatanicSceptile Gandraya dgnrationx jayfeatskydd BeautifulDillan bublehash KaminaAyato MICKOLI Friex Canadiann[/spoiler]
  12. Team Dagger Dead I well continue Team Dagger later because i just really dont think im really capable of making a team but for know i well be looking for team's i can join because i'm going to continue Team Dagger later :D Take care Dagger!
  13. Welcome to Badass Metapod [BAMP] GIT HYPE FOR THIS GODLY MOFO We strive to be a friendly fun, active guild (something creative and honorable goes here) Council: HOIMACHINGA(aka Bane, me) Hanarak Officers: DrMidnight TrymTrim YUMETARO jellydonut Members: magnaraiz ImAndyPop CandyKittenz PandaXpres Some Team Pictures [spoiler] [/spoiler]
  14. Ok, I look in Suggestion thread an open all threads seems to "team suggestions". People usually want to see when users log last time, changing colors of users name, new rangs etc, and it's awesome ideas but.. I think we should have more control with ours teams. How I imagine that? Sometimes players go nervous, and forgot to be nice to each others. I think we should have warning system, include adding "warning" to player. Or, if it's not so useable for people , option to mute player in our team (just like CMs can mute people in global) will be pretty nice too. For example- 10 minutes ban on talking in team chat. And now I'm listen to you guys, what are you thinking?
  15. We are the PokeCorps! Looking for some new members, I play a lot so I'm on most of the time. Looking for a good group so we can do some tourneys and just have some good convos! Just whisper me if my name is ScoobieDoob or leave a comment on this with your name! Thanks
  16. Haazuu

    [SSKY] ShadowSky

    Welcome to ShadowSky [SSKY] The name "Shadow Sky" comes from our poke logo wich is the only one Dark/Flying type in 1-3 generation, Murkrow. This is why our team base is located in 5 Island, surrounded by wild Murkrows. Joining to "Shadow Sky" You will be able to clarify your doubts about what pokeMMO it is, improve your killer skills as you have fun with all the members and participate in our weekly tourneys. We will be happy to have you in our team, if you want to join us, contac: Leader: -Haazuu Officers: -joscral -kevpr -LucasCisneros -LegendMasterP -OMlCRON Members [Spoiler] ElChupaKabras AzureLigthning DarkBonez Phobosz navrtx Porunga FakeThunder HectoMTC GaelGael Matiblak Deleit guti SariusmiD Somac kingfenix TheDragonn PimpolloxD alvimo Pansheto JaimeJJZ Juanitabelluda ImNiceCute elpaytuyo Dastirinmir julyoxan MatthewJethog Lunazul (JadeWest) Surfear Lemxkun Mrivass SirToba Sillogestrafe zzsnakezz RedUriel Kraaaz Araque mastergo TheCARGOS Vnives EdwardRex Javys xkendrix TeddieO [/Spoiler] Team Pictures [Spoiler] [/Spoiler]
  17. Hello there Trainers, looking for a Team? Look no further! We are the Magicaterpies! Witness our Saviours! We are currently looking for members and if you're a nice Trainer who enjoys chatting while you play, battling, participating in events, and having fun feel free to talk to one of our members. If you have any questions feel free to ask! Thank you for stopping by and we hope you stay a while.
  18. **** TEAM ROCKET ELITES **** Incoming message from: Team Rocket's Hideout... ^^^You heard the boss!^^^ Hi, i'm SSJRocket. I'm co-leader of Team Rocket Elites. Contact me if you'd like to join. We're a newer team and are growing fast with almost 300 members! We are by far the biggest team in the game! Room is filling up, but until it's full, anyone on the team can invite their friends without the aid of a mod. Just press 'g' and the team menu will pop up. There you just type in their name and they're on the team. THE TEAM ROCKET ELITE CHAPTERS: Team Tag: T.R.S.O. aka 'Team Rocket Special Operatives' Team Tag: T.R.S.F. aka 'Team Rocket Special Forces' Team Tag: T.R.S.U. aka 'Team Rocket Special Unit' Events: We'll have many events/ meet-ups, like taking over a spot or PVP events with prizes, and much more. Suggest an event and we'll probably end up doing it. THE WINNERS OF *TEAM ROCKET ELITE'S* FIRST VIRIDIAN TOURNEMENT! IM VERY PLEASED WITH OUR WINNERS: MrUtomi LVL 30-35, Phazayus LVL40-45, Fosh LVL50-55! These are not requirements, but are cool ideas many of us participate in: When we do meet up, try to wear team Rocket-type gear. You can get the team uniform from OUR casino in Celadon city, the gift shop in-game has a hat and other cool things, and you can create a new character in all black. Also try to have Team Rocket/ Dark or legendary Pokemon(when available) following you. (Sign created by Team Rocket member SatanLives) There are 3 rules: 1. Win no matter what. 2. Make your teammates winners. Help them succeed with their goals and help them get the best of everything. They represent you and you represent them. Together to the top! 3. Do whatever you want, as long as you follow the first two rules. *If you're part of our organization and ever need anything, or certain Pokemon, talk in the team chat box in-game or message one of us on this site. We'll help you get to the top no matter what. We aim to be the best, most powerful and influential team of all time. We make sure our members are equipped with the best of everything and help them in anyway possible.* Whose Ash? Oh yeah... isn't he that kid who loses all of his Pokemon battles? Why didn't he ever kiss any of those girls? The Team Rocket Elites could have supplied him better women... *If you'd like to join our team or improve it in anyway, send me a message! I'll get back to you ASAP!* We want to make you better, because it makes us better. TEAM ROCKET ELITE TEAM ROCKET'S ELITE TEAM ROCKET ELITE TEAM ROCKET ELITE TEAM ROCKET'S ELITE TEAM ROCKET ELITE TEAM ROCKET ELITE TEAM ROCKET'S ELITE TEAM ROCKET ELITE TEAM ROCKET ELITE TEAM ROCKET'S ELITE TEAM ROCKET ELITE TEAM ROCKET ELITE
  19. Why? Because I said so, okay? Alright good. Now then, We are a bunch of raiders who decided to play pokemon. We have triumphed our way through the Kanto region and gathered followers who had the urge to well.. uh.. fight and stuff. So If you ever feel the need to attack an entire village with some friends you might belong here. We are also very friendly with noobs and introduce them to ba-- I MEAN GREAT HABITS LIKE LUCKY EGG FARMING! OKTY We have "supplies" *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge* I guess we should get to the "important" stuff Guild Leader! Saantik Officers! Link420able Meuxes DickManDike Special Titles! The Queen of Baconand Rainbows! [font='comic sans ms']Meuxes---->[/font][font='comic sans ms'] Kitten [/font] [font=georgia]So uh, I guess people would like to join and stuff, so i'll put this here[/font] [spoiler]Ingame name: Favorite food: Time played: number of badges: how many tacos eaten?: Do you bring the "supplies"?: What can you bring to the guild?: [/spoiler] We also have a mewtwo hunter! = BadLuckBrad = He caught mewtwo once! Best of luck to you all and hope you have a jolly day. P.S. -has anyone seen my stash?
  20. THE KURT ARMY INFO: Hello This Is Kurtmac Speaking, We Are A Small Team That Just Wants To Have Fun. And We Would Want To Have A little More Members To Our Team Members ATM:13+ We Will Start Having Team Events Like Team Hide And seek,Give Aweys etc So Every one is Welcome To Join Us :D Recruitment info: Ingame name Why Would You Like To Join Will You Have Fun? And Finale Complete The Word ______ Mode Activate? Team Rules: Have Fun Be Nice To Every One In The Team Respect Officers And Owner(me) Be A Kurt SIGNATURES [spoiler] Sigs By:AKSHIT And Lyndonrenaud[/spoiler] TEAM BIRTHDAY: 12-11-2013 Nothing More To Say Than
  21. [url=http://s408.photobucket.com/user/Purplesilverfox/media/REARTeamLogo.png.html][/URL] Join Team REAR! We like big butts, and we cannot lie. We are an up and coming Competitive Team who is looking for more trainers who seek competitive Pokemon battles! We hold weekly tournaments within the team. We currently have about 35 members and are looking for even more! Colors: White and Blue Motto: hey bro Leader: Shuckster Officers: Raych, ANGRYJack Headquarters: Dotted Hole Goals: Compete and win Tournaments to make REAR turn some heads. Meet the Team! [URL=http://s408.photobucket.com/user/Purplesilverfox/media/REARTeam2-2.png.html][/URL] If you would like to join REAR: - whisper, in game, one of the above members - we are currently on an open invitation membership - we accept both old and new to the game trainers - please have a desire to compete at an advanced level *All artwork done by Raych ;)
  22. This is Kokushibyo, and we are a soon to be competitive team looking for active members. We have decided to start team tournaments soon with prizes. Members- Rules- Don't beg or scam for Pokemon. We are looking for honest and reliable people. If you need help just ask. Don't say rude/offensive remarks to fellow members. We like kind and helpful members. Listen to what the officers have to say Requirements- Be active at least once a week have some knowledge of competitive battling, EVs, IVs, etc. Have all 8 gym badges have to be working on a comp lvl 50 or 100 team. Team Alliance(s)- HUGZ How to join- To join fill out this application and post it in the comments: IGN: Favorite Pokemon: Timezone:
  23. Well i'm a fan of Team Magma, and i'm thinking that, maybe i could make a pretty successful team out of it. Just wanted to know if any team magma diehards, or anyone who just like Team Magma, if you would join. If i get any reaction, i will edit this into a team page. I guess we could turn it into a gym leader system. where we become unofficial gym leaders with "Magma" used type pokemon. But first we would make a Alt character with the word "Grunt" in front of it. Of course there would be the uniform, with any type of clothes, but eventually get the helmet. You could buy a red overcoat, or swimsuit and gloves made black. Tell me if this sounds good, and i might make this into a team.
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