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Hi im Viv !

I'm a mediocre artist with some ability to make things sometimes ? x'D

Ill sell you trash art for 20k PokeCoin - What do ya have to loose x'D -

So heres the Deal. You come up with some idea of sorts i used to do this when i was here in 2017 on my old account and back then i didnt have 1) a drawing tablet or 2) much artistic ability
Now ! here in 2022 I have a drawing tablet, so im not using my mouse anymore or microsoft paint.  So it should generally come out looking abit better than it used to be when i first started up my idea.

All you gotta do is atleast send 10k to VividFear with your Forum name so I know to get started !

Request Forum 
What you want - It can be super stupid as long as it follows PokeForums TOS

Link To My Old Post I Can No Longer Access x'D

Some of my newer art ( I dont finish alot of them unless I have a reason to like I do here )


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1 hour ago, Tear said:

draw me a turtle holding a cuban flag (in reference to my old dead team)

i got chu ! ill get started on it

2 hours ago, KaynineXL said:

Can you draw me a Dragonite receiving a 1st place trophy? On Paint.net please.



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how time flies ;-; (no pun intended)



edit: also moved this to creative media ?

Nice to see ya again ^-^ happy to see your still a mod !

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