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Help an Old Man (Thursday, 22nd September)

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An old hermit living on a very distant island contacted us:

Some of his pokemon have disappeared and according to our information they have dispersed in several regions.
A search will be organized and we will need the help of many trainers to find them!



In this PvE event, players will be challenged with catching 5 specific Pokémon as fast as possible. The target Pokémon may require specific properties, such as specific natures, IVs, or characteristics (eg "Likes to thrash about"), or they may simply be rare encounters in a specified location.

Players win prizes according to the order of their submissions of ALL target Pokémon; that is, the first player to submit all 5 targets wins first prize, the second player to do so wins second prize, and so on.



Thursday, 22nd September2022



19:00 UTC | 15:00 ET | 16:00 BRT | 21:00 CEST | Time Zone Converter



Pokemon will be chosen from a variety of regions; expect to have to travel to all corners of the PokeMMO world!


Event host



Referee (GM)




  • The host will announce the list of the Pokémon you will have to catch in English Global chat at the start of the event
  • You need to catch every Pokémon listed, with any property listed (eg specific nature, specific IV, specific catch location, etc.)
  • The winners, from 1st place to 4th place, will be the first players to link in whispers the 5 Pokémon to the event host
  • You must link your entry to the event host via whisper to submit it, entries submitted to other staff members won't be accepted
  • Positions from 1st to 4th place will be determined by the order in which the host receives whispers
  • Only Pokémon caught after the start of the event will be accepted a valid entries
  • You must be the OT of all the Pokémon submitted
  • Players can enter the event with only one account/character.
  • All Pokémon must remain unchanged (untrained, unevolved, etc.)
  • Evolved or unevolved forms of the listed Pokémon will not be accepted as a valid entry
  • Any Pokémon which doesn't meet the requirements listed (eg specific nature, specific IV, specific catch location, etc.) won't be accepted as a valid entry. 




415b0738a4a61f6ab6a9b6eed1ba3ff5.png 1st Place Prize


Turtle Gi


600 Reward Points


9efde86b8ecb1270d3da7f78dc656657.png 2nd & 3rd Place Prize

500 Reward Points


d06d221b538688a420279d9d2181710f.png 4th Place Prize

400 Reward Points

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The event just started!

Here are the pokemons you need to find:


torkoal.gifTorkoal Quiet  (Discret / Mansa)


golem.gifGolem lvl 60 from Unova (Unys/Teselia) evolved Graveler will NOT be accepted


shuckle.gifShuckle 1x31 OR 1x0 in any IV


 squirtle.gif Squirtle Female


  turtwig.gif Turtwig Total IV = 120+


Good luck to all hunters!!

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Congratulations to the winners!


image.png.6bec4c7daebffbffdda2005e07394828.png 1st Place


1 hour 15min 25sec


 image.png.55763d8dfd539bb1b48030dff0f0b0bb.png 2nd Place


1 hour 20min 16sec


image.png.6f71a34b0a8e04aef11015f816871cd2.png 3rd Place


1 hour 22min 0sec


Sprite for 'Shock Ribbon'4th Place


1 hour 26min 7sec


Thanks to all participants!
And thanks to @Revz for his help as referee!

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