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July 2023 Tier Changes

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Currently still using old cutoff for this season, 4.36% to go either way.  Next month we will be using a different set of cutoffs for every month, more info on that closer to the end of the first month or at the end with the discussion thread.


Banned to Ubers from OU:

Gallade - Discussion thread/ban post.


To OU from UU:

Salamence - 5.26% OU Usage


Banned to BL1 from UU:

Shaymin - Discussion thread/ban post.


To UU from OU:

Seismitoad - 3.31% OU usage

Toxicroak - 2.91% OU usage


To UU from NU:

Gastrodon - 8.09% UU usage

Zoroark - 5.44% UU usage

Clefable - 4.87% UU usage

Tentacruel - 4.85% UU usage


To NU from UU:

Ditto - 3.91% UU usage

Druddigon - 2.08% UU usage

Gigalith - 1.65% UU usage

Gligar - 4.16% UU usage

Mismagius - 3.04% UU usage

Venusaur - 4.02% UU usage

Xatu - 3.83% UU usage


NU Suspect Test:

Venomoth - TC approved, discussion thread



Tier Changes discussion thread.


I'll also be updating the NU/Untiered lists at some point today.

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