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The tattoo trainer arrives !


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Yo ✌️, I'm Louise aka Lapilou, im 23yo french girl,

I'm a huge fan of tattoo (26 actually with three eeveelution and Hisuian Lilligant in one week 🥳 ). I have 2 bunnies and one dog.

I playing pokemon since Pearl and Diamond in 2007 and i discovered pokemmo many year later, and it's only very recently that I really got involved in the game.

PS : Here are my 3 eeveelution tattoos and my animal's 🥰 (Halfa the dog, Rio the male bunny with long ears and Sunny the female with short ears)





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The animals are magnificent, the tattoos too, what more can I say? 🫶🫡



French player, 27 years old, member of the Honoris community

giphy (14).gif

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Hello Lapilou!


Welcome to PokeMMO! This game is truly amazing and fills the gap that I felt was missing in other Pokemon games. Being able to play with others and having a more challenging adventure makes PokeMMO worth it! The art style of those tattoos is wonderful and the pets are incredibly cute. I hope to run into you during our adventures!



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