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  1. Hi Lorewaifu, I wanted to add that now Slowpoke also appears as 100% in the water in Slowpoke Well. Groups are Monster and Water 1, which is different from Whismur and has the same catch rate. Levels are 20-25. It can have Confusion and Water Pulse (also Disable) so I guess Own Tempo Smeargle is better here? I would just Falseswipe and throw balls, but worth saying I guess. In the spanish section you put Paras instead of Hoppip for Fairy group btw.
  2. What's that profile picture

  3. He's probably refering to the Parasect hat that you get for reaching 10000 pvp points
  4. I think you are playing League of Legends
  5. I'm a grinder so it really didn't bother me that much but I got somewhat discouraged when I missed the first Alpha Ditto because I was sleeping, which is why I understand how you feel but it was obvious they were going to appear again. The cost of buying most alphas on GTL is lower now too because people stopped taking it as an event thing. Regarding the meta changing, realistically, with some research you can predict what the tiers will look like, just visit Smogon. You don't really need to catch all the alphas daily, getting some is enough. It's not like you can build 2/3 comps with HAs daily anyways, unless you are willing to spend a ton of money.
  6. Looks great. However I would consider cutting out the Gift Shop vanities if possible (depending on how you structured the data collection process), their value is bound to the RP fluctuations anyways, you should never pay more than the equivalent in RP.
  7. Batton Pass teams have been problematic for years in singles competitive and they happen to be super strong for E4 Rematches, although after the nerf players found a lot of strategies that while riskier can beat the E4 faster. I doubt it will ever be "fixed" considering those two things.
  8. Don't think there is a community for berry farmers, even less so from the west.
  9. I like this idea way more. Not many people beat E4 after the first few rematches, and it's actually challenging trying to fit 4 regions in 1 amulet coin.
  10. Yeah, you are right. I was thinking more about the in-battle text because lately I've been trying to do something with that, but the dialog boxes works differently.
  11. Shorter strings load way faster tho. It won't be very noticeable in this case because the strings are short anyways, but is very noticeable when you switch your game to a language like chinese.
  12. I "translated" it (not really, just used SQL Querys/Excel + veekun data). I didn't bother with the notes because my chinese is not that good, but I tried to keep most of the things I considered could be of value to someone that knows more chinese than me. - The headers are in spanish/english. - I probably should've checked the legality of the movesets to make sure I didn't mess something up, but I didn't. - I already know there a few mistakes here and there, but they come from the original dataset, getting this kind of data is a lot of hard work, so it's understandable. https://www.mediafire.com/file/kj188gtnfj0gdfw/translation.csv/file
  13. Hey, I got two things that might be of interest for you: Screenshots with all the learnsets for the Pokémon in the game. The screenshot are from last week, so pretty recent, they are named as the dex number for the corresponding Pokémon. A complete dataset with the data available in the images mentioned in the previous point. The data is in csv and in the following table format. id pokemon_name n_dex move learn level 91 bulbasaur 1 Growl START 1 90 bulbasaur 1 Tackle START 1 89 bulbasaur 1 Growl LEVEL 3 … … … … … … 54521 Total rows. A few final considerations: - I only spent like 2 days cleaning the data during my free time, so there may be a small error here and there, but nothing major. - I know that there are a few mistakes in my screenshots, basically some duplications. I took care of that in the data cleaning process, but didn't really modify the images. There is the possibility that some Pokémon is missing in the dataset, I didn't really check for that and that part of the whole process was done with a lot of human intervention. Everything was done with SQL, Python and Excel. Let me know if you can make use of any of these two things. I don't mind helping with the data or something else if you need it in a different format.
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