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  1. I don't know if we "need" more boxes, but I would love if we had more. Sometimes I breed a lot of stuff at the same time, or just want to keep breeders for later and I don't have enough space to keep things organized
  2. Not OP but from experience those work too. Pretty much the best Pokemon at the moment for E4 runs is Nasty Plot Gengar with Air Balloon, and then there are viable partners like Belly Drum Poliwrath, Nasty Plot Hydreigon, Calm Mind Chandelure and Dragon Dance Scrafty. People are more creative with the scarfers, but the most commons are Metagross, Froslass and Chandelure. I've also seen Jellicent, Rotom, Golurk, Shedinja. Rocker is usually Chansey. Gligar and Shuckle rarely. Also, two tips, in Sinnoh, Bertha can have Unaware Quagsire which can make you waste a lot of time. In Kanto and Hoenn, Agatha and Sidney can have a Choice Scarf Moxie Gyarados that can legitimately sweep you with some RNG crits/flinches, which is why I prefer Thunder Punch Metagross over Rocks.
  3. Every year we have the worst halloween ever. The devs are very consistent in that
  4. I know this is not a perfect solution, but you can change the Repeat Ball (or other ball) name in the data/string files to make it appear on top. Wish we could just hotkey the ball too.
  5. IDK why you think Hallo is going to change any of that.
  6. I'm sure most of the old players would appreciate having more precise information about the meta when they are building.
  7. I don't really care about how the devs decide to give the hats, but the only thing it is doing so far is making it so people leave the tier after they get all the hats lol
  8. Pretty sure I've seen this bug and I don't use any sprite mods. Not like it matters, because it's only visual, but eh.
  9. Most of them don't have enough games to know the tier, so they just repeat what others said. It's also very common for noobs to see one wall in a team and automatically say that their opponent is using a stall team. It's very to easy to see on the stats Tab that in OU the most common pokes aren't walls, other than Ferro/Chansey which are just splashble mons.
  10. I'm not totally sold on the idea of a color system that suggest relative value of an item based on the behavior of previous buyers of said item. I'm a firm advocate of the free market and I think that everyone agrees that we, as a community, should be allowed to be scammed whenever we want, whether be it because we didn't pay attention or because we don't have perfect information of the market. Additionally, since the market should be free and not in this state of high dev intervention, I propose to revert the changes so that it could be more easily manipulated by our fellow richpeople. Thanks for reading.
  11. I don't think it's exagerated to say that RandBats will mean less new players for other tiers, including OU (which isn't really bothering because OU a healthy playerbase). In Showdown you can create a team with the teambuilder, you don't need to invest time to create it and the teambuilding aspect is as necessary here to win consistently. They said LC didn't have enough players and that's why they got rid of it. It's not that different for the other tiers. --- Personally I like randbats. However, I have to agree with most of AwaXGoku points. Probably rotating the randbats ladder would be wise. Getting matches in UU, NU, Doubles can take quite some time if you are not high on the ladder and queue at low times.
  12. The E4 sucks ass, but with a good team and knowledge of the trainer teams (which are A LOT), it's an actually decent farming method and more enjoyable than gym grinding. It also sucks that the devs go out of their way to nerf to the ground any farming method that doesn't involve grinding like a robot, which makes people afraid of sharing said methods to other people. It would also be nice if the devs shared some numbers and info about things in the game, like trainer teams, or % about items, etc.
  13. I like the idea and I don't know how difficult it would be to implement, but I feel like this would be only useful for a very small segment of the playerbase and would be very rarely used on top of that
  14. Did you already consider making Damp rocks consumables? Joking aside, damp rocks are non consumables items that are useful on like 3 pokes total, and you can get them while farming for Small Lucky Eggs (idk if people will still farm those now), of course they are trash items that people don't want to have in their inventory. Thanks for the bone, very appreciated.
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