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[Art][Shop] Sofie draws to order

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I'm in need of some money, so I've decided to open a list and make some orders for graphics if anyone feels like ordering something from me. I draw people and pokemons. Examples of my graphics in this post.

As I draw in several different styles it is best to just send me some of my graphics in the style you would like to have a picture. 

I do not draw characters/pictures that would violate the rules of the game or forum.
My price list looks like this:
- One character - no pokemon, 200k.
- For each picture the background made by me is 500k.
- If the background can be a standard or not - but purchased in a graphics program (for commercial or non-commercial use) then I will add it for free - about what kind of background it should be, free or paid you need to write me right away.
- One character with pokemon 300k
- Each additional pokemon in the picture is an additional 100k
- I won't draw a character with more pokemon than 6 (I think 6 is a good number since you can carry so many in the game)
- Each additional character in the picture is another 200k. I will draw a picture with a maximum of 3 characters. Three characters is still a maximum of 6 pokemons on the picture (with a larger number it is more difficult to arrange them on the graphic, but I think if they will be small pokemons then a larger number can be discussed with me).


For the graphics, I need a screen shot of your trainer card, and the names of the pokemons you would like in the picture, if it should include them.
Any other information I need to know about positions, etc., also needs to be sent to me right away. 

The time to make the graphics is from 2 to 5 days. At the beginning I send a sketch for approval, on it you can still make some corrections a few times (as long as not too much).

Payment only after completion of graphics.
At the moment I will accept three orders.
Which ones I will deal with depends on the date, I follow the rule - first come, first served.

I am not an English speaker, for communication I use a translator DeepL. So if sometimes we do not get along, you need to write to me again, a little differently forming the sentence. However, when it comes to graphics, I prefer examples, because then it is easier to get along in another language, translators often translate non-intuitively.


If there is anything else I should write here, please bring it to my attention. Or if there is something I shouldn't then too xD
My nickname a game is the same as on the forum. 




tak (1).png

tak (5).png

tak (3).png

tak (4).png

tak (6).png

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