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[MOD] Last Gen Monster icons (Gen 5 Support)

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Almost anyone paid attention to this thread but this mod is really good, icons look really well, good job

EDIT: Also could u fix steelix? It is the only sprite that looks weird to me, check it out


I had the same problem so I decided to fix this not only for my own...

here it is:


...if any Pokemon looks somehow like this ingame...



...but should look like this:







I corrected the Scale of all "broken" Pokemon from any scale to 32x32px because there were

some other "broken" Pokemon than Steelix too which I had to rescale...

In case of Steelix I had to scale down from 36x32px to 32x32px so it's not the original Sprite anymore.

-> because I've decently edited a few pixels to fit it in the right size but who cares... just try and have fun! ^^

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metmanr if you want you can provide all pokemon names which are buggy, then i can provide an "official" update

The buggy Pokemon are Steelix (208-0, 208-1), Lugia (249-0, 249-1), Kyogre (404-0, 404-1) and Groudon (405-0, 405-1)

In my fixed Mod I only rescaled and fixed the graphics mentioned above... any other file is untouched ;)

Here are my fixed Graphics ONLYhttp://www.mediafire.com/download/mbkgvpjztg1e1u5/FIXED_HD_Monster_sprites.zip

Full fixed Mod from Post abovehttp://www.mediafire.com/download/9f3ag4eukxakx6w/HD_Monster_sprites.zip


And here the comparison what I did exactly:

(PokeMMO doesn't allow a size over 32x32 Pixels however...)


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New Icons with better quality (reported problem)

better positioning (reported problem)


i generated a new set of icons and set their position 3 pixel above the bottom instead of centering them

huge icons still overlap some design elements but thats something the devs had failed imo


they recommended a size of 32x32 pixel, but this size is simply too large

i painted charmander black so you can see where the actual image is




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