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[MOD] HD items

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This looks great, also not that important but the tm discs and key items are not hd idk if you're planning to add them other than that this is beautiful


No icon in dream world/global link exists for TMs and the majority of key items. Same case as pokeflute :/


Thanks for your support and coments!

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awesome mod, think you can also update the key items?


No images (art work) for key items in dream world/global link. I'll maybe include the XY sprites of TMs, they look a little better


For now there will be no changes in key items. Some sprites of key items change in XY/ORAS but the quality of them is the same than GBA games.



Is there a reason the sp.atk brace sprite is different to the rest?


Game freak made the sprite different probably because the object is not really a bracelet, it's a lens



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