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[Sig] [Art] AONSynth - Get YOUR Creative Signature!!


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Weekly Showcase - Goku, Team Mr. Shiny Kabutops.



Hi Everyone!


I'll keep this brief. I'm a certified Graphic Designer and I find it fun! So I decided to start making Signatures for people and teams for the Pokemmo Forum.


REQUEST Information




(Pokemon can be shiny, for background, if your not sure, tell me to chose anything and I'll chose what I think is appropriate.)


The price is 100k Pokeyen donation per creation.

The result will be watermarked with my name until I receive payment in game.

I'll then upload the finished version to my Imgur account and Direct mail you the link for your design.

To arrange Payment, whisper me in game: AONSynth

(If I'm not online, you can mail me the money and once I receive I'll send you the link.)


All work finished work is showcased here: http://imgur.com/a/n73Jk


Each week I'll be changing the Signature that's displayed at the top of the page.

If you want to get your signature featured, for yourself or your team, I can arrange that, mail me!


Enough with the talking! Take a look at some of my previous work. 




- Indigo Elite, Espeon -




- Bonsie, Blastoise -




- xSwitchy, Link, Zelda -




- Goku, Shiny Kabutops -




- Team Gløw, Ho-OH -




- Norfleet, Shiny Ponyta -


Hope you enjoy my work! If you'd like your very own Signature, you can leave a comment and I'll get to it as soon as possible!

Thanks for your time,



PS - To upload a signature, all you have to do is copy the link I'll mail you and paste it to:

Account Settings > Signature > Insert other media > Insert Image from URL.

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3 minutes ago, DJLambo said:

Well I know my way around Photoshop :) This is what I came up with! I'll take my name out if you like it and once I receive payment in game :) 



Maybe remove the volcano behind Azumarill? But I love the tree and the pink behind. You can put something else behind but a Volcano with Azu, don't like it. Maybe a waterfall or just some tree x)

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8 minutes ago, Nobarsmcgee said:

the keshin from soul eater, and something spooky for background


34 minutes ago, Nobarsmcgee said:

the keshin from soul eater, and something spooky for background



Hoping I got the anime character right! I'm not 100% sure on Anime Characters so I googled it! I can take the name out if you like it

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21 minutes ago, Lazaro23 said:

IGN: Lazaaro
Team: Aura
Character: illumi zoldyck no colors
Background: no colors
Donation: 0,1m

For the Signature:

Name: Lazaaro

Team: Aura (would you like me to include this text?)

Pkm: Shiny Golduck?

Background - I'll pick something with water.



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