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  1. I was busy yesterday, but completed 7 orders Thursday, 2 orders Friday and 9 orders today with 1 more to do!
  2. 24 orders complete this last 7 days. An order of 6 still to do!
  3. Let me understand this, because 3 or however many pokemon it was moved near the BEGINNING of the month, we are going to ignore all the other pokemon and their usage?
  4. 3 orders completed yesterday, 2 so far today with 3 more to go!
  5. Only 1 order so far today, which honestly is great so it's just TOO HOT
  6. With hidden abilities (slowly) being added, I believe this could bring a new life to LC. Firstly, we could get a lot of exciting abilities such as drought Vulpix to pair with chlorophyll Bulbasaur, magic guard Abra, marvel scale Dratini, and not forgetting my 100% all time favourite swift swim Psyduck! Not to mention plenty more possible abilities. This could 100% bring popularity and excitement (well, as much excitment as there can be with PokeMMO PvP) back to LC and would be the perfect time to try again. So many possible variations of pokemon and wild team building. New abilities that these adorable baby pokemon will never get to experience or use ;-; 💔 Even the less popular pokemon and/or abilities would get used as people work out new abilities and ways to counter pokemon. All in all, I believe with the addition of HA's, this is the moment to try again. (yes I tried to write an intelligent and long post, but all I wanted to write was 'give us back LC'. I tried, ok!)
  7. Yes of course! Unfortunately I can't keep the alpha status, as that would require me to breed with another alpha and then another...(and so on), but the hidden ability passes over ? it would just be too expensive for me to buy the starting pokemon
  8. I'm happy to breed your HA Pokémon if you provide them yourself
  9. 14 breding orders completed in the past 4 days! 3 more to breed today ?
  10. 3 xspeed 2 tm hurricane bug catchers outfit 2x battle points charm (50%) all from the anniversary chest 3 xdefend
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