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  1. Well that's the PokeMMO party line, and while I personally think it's somewhat reasonable, you have to understand that the legality is irrelevant. If Nintendo wanted to shut it down, they could. It doesn't matter if it's legal - court costs and time taken to actually deal with a lawsuit would cripple the game. The legality of mods is questionable - companies have certainly succeeded in getting mods of games to be taken down in the past. Again, even if they would win the court battle, see above. Calling it free advertising isn't quite right, and I doubt that it is what Nintendo has in mind anyway. My assumption is that Nintendo would much rather have advertising that actually, you know, made them money. From Nintendo's point of view, this game at best doesn't steal any of their customers, and at worst drives people to give PokeMMO money instead of buying their new games/devices/trash.
  2. It's possible it has changed in the ~3 years since I asked about this, but this forum won't work on (most/all of) those (iirc security concerns or something).
  3. 3x TM 09 [spoiler]I could go up to 4 if you push me[/spoiler]
  4. October 2012 You... you know how dates work right? And you know what today is?
  5. clearly you're the problem here
  6. yah I know all about it but the devs are going to silence me pm me for details [spoiler]the next thing they're going to implement is [REDACTED][/spoiler] ~ User was warned for this post - XelaKebert
  7. Dannnno


    im 4 what is this
  8. We're all liberals here, right? Everyone should be taxed based on their wealth! Look at the sum of their current ownings (and compare to average price in GTL), triple it, and then tax them based on that. Make this tax apply every time they log on, and remove the GTL tax! I see no flaws with this argument.
  9. Those are some good ideas. brb suggesting Hopefully its being used as a test run so they can figure out what they need to fix/change before doing that stuff
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