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  1. Nerf gary dude. Nerf every NPC's status move chance and holy f nerf their flinch rate & sleep rate & poison hit rate.

  2. 1001910


    No, gary is WAY too hard now. i'm using 6x31 pokemon fully EV trained & even using held items and beating him is STILL a fucking pain in the arse. It's an UNREALISTIC difficulty, this fucking rival hits EVERY status chance out there, this motherfucker even managed to "Freeze" my glaceon... what the fuck?????????????? what does pokemmo expect us to do? stockpile on 48756458768768546787467846574538653548654672375463467825876385674236576 antidotes etc? no, they made him too hard. Look at cheryn, he's not easy to beat but he doesn't fucking hit every status move. Kanto is supposed to be the "New players region" while currently it has become the fucking try hard use ur 6x31 pokemon to fucking beat a unrealistically competetive level rival up. YET AGAIN i'm using 6X31'S WITH perfect EV training. i don't hit a SINGLE status move or move with 85% accuracy move. While GARY hits EVERYTHING without a problem. NOT TO MENITION my pokemon are ALL at level cap (62) for me atm.
  3. 1001910


    @Kyu i'm gonna ask you again, nerf gary what the f. this guy just hit EVERY "20"% status move you can possibly hit, he flinched me 6 times in a row, and practically made EVERY sleep hit. nerf gary, and nerf NPC status chance to the player. this is fucking bullshit.
  4. 1001910


    gary is too powerful, nerf him.
  5. I understand, and yeah they do.. but i atleast think they could consider making it a bittt easier you know?
  6. Just as you have your opinion i have mine, and these are suggestions from my PoV, you don't need to agree with me.
  7. I've been playing since 2013 and yes, there was a time where catchrates WERE TOO OVERPOWERED. but right now pokemon that SHOULD be easy to catch are hard to catch for absolutely no reason. I myself find this very frustrating, especially since these pokemon were designed to be caught easier then the rest. Same goes with gym's and trainers. they're too overpowered, in my opinion the buff was necessary, the improved AI system was a must to make Pokemmo more interesting, but you guys over-buffed them, people want to have a fun time playing, not a frustrating big brain time playing. i mean thunderwave on a wingull? thats... thats some impressive thinking right there. Giving berry's to every trainer & gym leader out there? that isn't fun, thats torture especially when u expect to play the game PVE-ishly. Please make an easier-version of the game, i understand making it more difficult to make the game more immersive, but this is too much. I used to like playing back in 2016, shit was fun then. Right now? i've seen people raging for days because the gyms made no sense, the pokemons that gym leaders & other trainers have are classified as semi competetive, while some of us don't even WANT to play competetive, leave that for the re-battling and the rematches. According to the 1 HP pokemon shedinja's changes. Give him his wonderguard ability back, you guys already hardcore nerfed the economy by taking the parents for an egg. Shedinja shouldn'tve been nerfed in the first place, it was an good way for people to make money when they didn't want to start breeding. Now we are FORCED to start breeding our pokemon to stand a chance against rebattling the E4. We don't want to try-hard? We want to have fun. Regarding the state of PokeMMO in my opinion from what i've seen the past years. PokeMMO's first concept is perfect, giving pokemon games the ability to be played in multiplayer openworld while not trying to sway away from the original pokemon games. However, right now it's EXACTLY the opposite of what you guys wanted to achieve, you nerf every move, you nerf every pokemon, nerf every pokeball and increase the difficulty because some competetive players found it too easy, i mean the shiny encounter chance is SOMEWHAT understandable, but come on 1 in 30000 chance? and with donator status 1 in 27000-ish? thats bullshit and you know it. Regarding the PokeMMO movepools for trainers & amount of battle-items they use. From my PoV some changes make sense, and some absolutely don't. the movepool changes are too difficult for people that just started out the game, they expect to have fun while having a bit of a challenge, while in reality they are going up against semi-competitive A.I's. This isn't fun for new players, especially since some of the new players only just started playing pokemon in general. Now here's the other thing that bothers me, battle items. It's VERY clear to see what pokemmo tried to do here, they wanted to counter insta-sweeps and wanted to give NPC'S more battle-ability by adding in (YET AGAIN Competitively-Used battle items) Sorry but don't.. Just Don't. It ruined the "Fun" pokemon experience this game used to have. Also debuff the amount of god damn stun & sleep & poison moves trainers have! it's impossible to go through a battle without being stunned or slept atleast once, the AI's almost NEVER miss an stunn move or an sleep move. Regarding the usage of Sweet Scent & Destiny bonds & Breeding items. To be honest i don't really have an opinion on this, it's fairly understandable that breeding should be an pretty pricey concept. However the destiny bond is useless now, revert that and nerf it only a bit. It should still be one of the most costy items in the game to be honest. But it's pretty much useless now. Sweetscent is properly nerfed in my opinion, and so are breeding items. however i don't like how u made them useless in terms of EV-training. Shiny charms & Rich charms & EXP charms & The Lucky eggs & Amulet coins Etc Etc Love how you added in these top-notch useless items, the EXP charm is the only decent charm that came into the game, Shiny charms + donator status STILL makes ur chances of encountering an ACTUAL shiny 1 in 24000, which is total-bullshit, remove these two concepts from the game or give them an ENORMOUS buff, they're not worth the hassle nor money. LUCKY EGGS, i used to LOVE farming lucky eggs back in the day, they were usefull, and rightfully expensive. However the devs HAD TO GO and nerf them into the abyss again, Lucky eggs were hard to get as it was, but now you get 1 hour to farm enough experience for an super-expensive-rare item that has about an ridiculous low chance of being on an already rare hard to get pokemon in safari. What the actual fawk pokemmo? You also did this to the famous amulet coin, you made it friggin useless, and timed-only because it "Ruined economy" nah you guys ruined economy by doing this to farm-able worthy items. My general suggestion for pokemmo. First of all give shedinja's wonderguard back, but nerf it in pvp. Second of all increase the catchrates, you guys nerfed them into the abyss. Third of all prehaps you should increase shiny encounters rate by only 1000, make it 1 in 20000 and with donator status 1 in 16000. Fourth of all remove shiny charms & the temporary amulet coins & temporary lucky eggs, make the both of them permanent again. you guys made it too much pay to win, nerf gyms and trainer battles by a bit for newer players, or nerf an specific region for starter players but give them less money as reward. Give pokemon realistic move pools and no fucking wingulls with thunderwave. Change destiny bonds to keep 3 ivs for training. also give brace's the EV training ability back, stop making everything pay to win. Thanks for reading my suggestions.
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