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  1. there are no more vulnerable Pokemon to dugtrio in NU than in OU, and Dugtrio has such a weak attack (because I recall that it is a Pokemon that has already had a nerf) are not capable of 1hko certain Pokemon which are quite weak to him, I would even say that Dugtrio is much more interested in OU than in NU (dugtrio 1hko much more Pokemon in OU than in NU, with much higher Stats), I would also like say that Dugtrio is a Pokemon that has a lot of bad matches, in general against * Balance *, or * Stall * teams, its not the kind of Pokemon that will clutch in NU , so I really don't understand why this Pokemon would deserve a Ban in NU with only 11% usage and 47% winrate
  2. so if Arena Trap are the real problem , I don't see why the ban in NU would change anything, it is exactly the same in the other tiers
  3. Dugtrio is just good in his role as Revenge Killer, and to be Honest, I don't see any problem with him, whether in NU, UU or OU, his role is always the same, of course his talent is not competitive, but the ban in NU will not change much at the tier, and then ban a Pokemon that has already been Nerf ... for a Pokemon Overrated like him which does not stay maximun 3 turns during a game , it might be time to find out about the teambuild around and against him.
  4. gg https://gyazo.com/a4608b11e896fb951bddf2c2b2d07b2c https://gyazo.com/b7e0b6317649efc095971ca49cbfab39
  5. Rest of America [0] vs [0] Africa OU1: moozo vs Lunarck 1m OU2: Brayanmatows vs Tawla 1m UU1: DevilMephisto vs PoseidonWrath 1m UU2: sonickevinmp vs Jaawax 1m NU2: TomaselioMP vs ExCesar 500k DB: Javierrrrrr vs Azphiel 300k LC: SebastianRVM vs TheDH 1m Void if tie
  6. IGN : Kanicula Country : Algeria (Africa) Tiers : Nu Discord : Kanicula#4425 Note : gl all
  7. [SIÂ] Sic Itur Ad Astra (0) Vs [RmW] Red Mark Warriors (0) OU: Lunarck 1m vs xJulian OU: gbwead 1m vs XGoldenFreezaX UU: Kamimiii 500k vs AngeloDLZ UU: Jaawax 500k vs ErosG NU: MadaraSixSix 500k vs Rigoox LC: TheDH 1m vs MoonTIK SM-OU: LLLiolae 1m vs xXHokageXx void if sub , activity
  8. JorgeFirebolt vs CristianRobles in 5 min
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