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  1. The leaderboard is just so.. dirty. Some RMT to get on board, and created sub to avoid permanent ban because of that. They really want this Nian Hood though, especially the shiny one
  2. For example, futou(red), ice cream hood(pink), devil wings(black), poncho(blue)
  3. 我用的猴开前面打得挺舒服的,治疗也少用,但有些错过后期的凑不齐 *也有可能我撑得不够久
  4. 大佬你是什么开局啊,我都凑不齐图鉴,从来没看过雷公
  5. 死掉的精灵数量,凑12个结束出去
  6. 虎头有咆哮的声音特效,注册成热键然后点击吓一吓你周围的人吧。 *冷却时间有点长
  7. I didn't sell it, but i know that one has both Pumpkid's Treat and Pumpcat. Attack&Speed*31.
  8. 曾想着收集所有时装直到发现我赚钱速度还没时装涨价速度快
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