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  1. As the title says, add a Friends Location part to the friends menu. Basically, with this anyone on my friends list I would know what channel and location they are on, which would be fantastic for finding people on your friends list without having to ask them directly.
  2. To keep it short and simple, I request that the two speeds of a Bike in Sinnoh should be removed. All of the other regions in the game have a single, fast speed, whereas Sinnoh you have to sprint to use a bike at a reasonable speed. It is EXTREMELY annoying for people who play on controllers. I also suggest to add analog button support, on that, if a controller has analog triggers or bumpers the game will infinitely recognize an input. I have a SN30 Pro+ and I can't use the bumpers or triggers because they will infinitely register as a press no matter what. And other controllers that work similarly do the same. So if support for these types of controllers would be fantabulous.
  3. Yes, and I have had that in the guide since day one on breeding braces?
  4. I still can't find said guides you are talking about that also talk about Battle Points.
  5. The guide is still a W.I.P, if you have any contributions of knowledge to what is the best item just say so and explain why it is the best item compared to getting Choice Items and Breeding Bands
  6. The only Battle Frontier Guide I know of is a W.I.P, and doesn't cover the battling mechanics, only locations and stuff. Plus I doubt it'll have Trainer Specific Strategies
  7. The Frontier Compendium is a W.I.P now, if you check every day or so you will see the progress and info for it. TY For your Suggestion
  8. The Frontier Compendium Special thanks to the Trainers in the PokeMMO Discord for showing their Battle Frontier Teams ____________________________________Table of Contents * Battle Frontier Information * Payday and Pokemon * Earning Battle Points ____________________________________ What is the Battle Frontier The Battle Frontier is a place where the top trainers travel to for Pokemon Battles. Some of the best farms in PokeMMO are here, like Tentacruel, Smeargle, and Battle Point Farms. This guide will explain to you the best methods to get all of the above and make poke-bank with your Pokemon. The Battle Frontier Map The Battle Frontier is a small island in the Hoenn region with a few major landmarks, but for this guide we will focus on the Battle Tower, Prize Booth, and Artisan Cave. Artisan Cave Artisan Cave is a small nook near the entrance to the Battle Frontier, you need Surf, and a Wailmer Pail to access it. A Wailmer Pail is obtained by talking to the lady in the Flower Shop just below Rustboro City. Once you have the required tools, walk over to the suspicious looking tree, and engage with it. It turns out that it is a Sudowoodo, KO it and go down the waterfall, then surf to the left to find Artisan Cave. What is so special about this cave, you ask? Well, it has 100% Encounter Rate Smeargle in it! Smeargle are incredibly easy to knock out, but that's just the beginning of it. If you have a Pokemon with the move Payday you can gain approximately 500¥ per Smeargle smacked with Payday. So with this information you may be wondering, what Pokemon should I use to efficiently KO Smeargle? Well, our next section will cover that. The Pokemon Any Pokemon below will do, but some may be better than others. It will be listed by their relative price-points to create. Budget - Eevee Middle - Smeargle Middle - Meowth The Battle Tower Guide The Battle Tower is where the best trainers out there battle it out for Battle Points, a currency which you can use at the Exchange Service for something Fantabulous. What's so special about the items in the Exchange Services? Well, let's find out. The Exchange Service The Exchange Service is located just below the Battle Tower, with a bunch of NPCs who will trade your Battle Points for AMAZING Prizes, but there are two that you should focus on. The Lass on the right hand side sells Battle Items, for Competitive Players. The most important items she sells are Choice Bands, Choice Scarves, and Choice Specs for 9,800BP. These items all sell on the GTL for approximately 90,000¥ and they sell pretty fast too, down to the left of her is a NPC that will sell Breeding Bands for 750BP, they can't be traded, but save you about 10,000¥ each time you breed. So if you like to breed, Breeding Bands are the way to go. Battle Frontier NPCs The NPCs in the Battle Tower may start easy, but after you beat fifty of them or so they become quite deadly. This is a list of the NPCs, and their Pokemon. Looking for Submissions of NPC Data, Discord INFO is dotMO#7253 Battle Frontier Teams Now that you know the basics of how the Battle Frontier works, I assume you want to get to battling, but the thing is, you need a good team to survive the longest against the NPCs, so below there will be lists of teams and how to use them. <TEAM HERE>
  9. I could make a in-depth battle frontier compendium possibly, I think there are other guides that do that pretty well though. If you have any other ideas or suggestions for guides though tell me, since I'd do anything as long as it makes sense.
  10. Ever wanted more information on a guide, or wanted information to be put in a guide? Well now's your chance! I have been making guides lately, like The Farmers Compendium and The Clothing Compendium, and am looking to make more guides. If any of y'all want guides on a specific topic or want a better version of a guide to be done, just send a comment and I'll probably make a guide on it ASAP. Current Guide Requests: [W.I.P] The Frontier Compendium
  11. The Clothing Compendium Special thanks to anyone who contributed screenshots of missing clothing ____________________________________Table of Contents * Kanto * Hoenn * Sinnoh * Unova * Gift Shop * Limited & Rare ____________________________________ Other Guides by Me * Farmers Compendium ____________________________________ The Kanto Region The Kanto Region is the birthplace of Pokemon Trainers, but more importantly, it is the birthplace of many fantastic cosmetics! This guide will list the locations of all Kantonian Cosmetics and what they look like on a character. If the cosmetic is white, it has multiple colors, if it is not on the other hand, it only has that one color. ____________________________________ The Hoenn Region I loved playing ORAS, and Emerald is fantastic too! This guide will list the locations of all Hoenn Cosmetics and what they look like on a character. If the cosmetic is white, it has multiple colors, if it is not on the other hand, it only has that one color. ____________________________________ The Unova Region The Unova Region is my favorite region, and it has some pretty cool cosmetics too! This guide will list the locations of all Unovian Cosmetics and what they look like on a character. If the cosmetic is white, it has multiple colors, if it is not on the other hand, it only has that one color. ____________________________________ The Gift Shop Want to buy cosmetics with real money? Then the gift shop is for you, there is a wide variety of cosmetics that range from 500-1000RP each. As usual, if the cosmetic is white, it has multiple colors, but that may not be the case for some cosmetics in the gift shop due to design choices by the artists, and if it is colored, it most likely can't be colored. ____________________________________ Limited & Rare Cosmetics These cosmetics were only available for a limited time, and or are very rare, if you have a limited time or rare cosmetic that is not in this guide please contact me on discord (My INFO is dotMO#7253) and we can meet in game so that you can link the item, then I can preview the item and add it into the compendium.
  12. The Farmers Compendium Special thanks to the Trainers and Farmers in the PokeMMO Discord for their help with showing their builds and how they farm efficiently. ____________________________________ Table of Contents Smeargle Meowth Teddiursa Gothita Quagsire Services & Misc ____________________________________ Other Guides by Me * Cosmetic Compendium ____________________________________ About This Guide This guide is for anyone to learn about as many ways to breed, farm, and train for in game money as possible, any way to make money goes, even the lesser known ones. ________________________________________________________________________ Smeargle Smeargle is one of the most iconic Farmermons out there, from easily catching Pokemon, to Paydaying the day away, this guide will explain what setup you should use on Smeargle and what you need to start up farming. Setup Ditto & Rotom Method ________________________________________________________________________ Meowth Meowth! That's Right! Meowth is easily the best Payday Farmer, with it being his Signature Move, and him having the Pickup Ability, it makes him easily the most Profitable compared to the Smeargle alternative to Payday Farming. Setup Payday Method ________________________________________________________________________ Teddiursa Teddiursa is straight up the best EV Trainer in the game, with its wide variety of AoE moves, to its Pickup Ability obtaining random items when you beat Pokemon you farm, this guide will explain what setup Teddiursa needs to work, and what areas he should farm at. Setup EV & EXP Training ________________________________________________________________________ Gothita Gothita is the best general Thiefer in the game, with the ability Frisk it can sense whether or not a Pokemon has an item, so no wasted time using Thief only for the Pokemon to not have what you want! And plus, it has one of the lowest ATK stats out of all the Thiefers, making it even better at farming! Setup Stealing Items ________________________________________________________________________ Quagsire Quagsire is the go-to Thiefmon when you need to get Everstones, from his low ATK stat, to his Damp Ability preventing him from being KO'ed by Geodude Explosions. This guide will explain what stats Quagsire needs to make this work, along with levels and locations of Geodude. Setup Stone Stealing ________________________________________________________________________ Services & Misc The following will involve topics that don't directly involve one Pokemon, but instead involve the fact that PokeMMO is a MMO, and other players may need you to do tasks for them in exchange for money, or even economy manipulation will be in this section. Training Service RP Economy GTL Flipping
  13. So, I noticed recently you can't change your pants/skirt, or hair. So I have a suggestion, make these both changeable without having to pay 5$ for a Makeover Kit. It doesn't really make sense that the character can change all their clothes except for pants, and they can change their pants/skirt into shorts for whatever reason as a cosmetic, so why not add pants and skirt to the list of purchasable cosmetics for a similar price to the shorts? And a side suggestion, possibly add a hairstylist NPC, where people can pay in game money to get their hair and hair color changed, maybe even have some extra unlockable hairstyles or hairstyles that you can get from loot boxes of sorts. Tell me what y'all think in the comments.
  14. So, I was wondering, are there items that prevent a Pokemon from leveling up? I am thinking of having a shop of sorts where people can rent a team to beat the elite four with, but after they beat the elite four the pokemon would most probably gain enough EXP to level past the cap, so how would I go about that?
  15. Well, those people aren't at a real disadvantage, the main reason why someone would turn off animations is because they already beat the game and want to grind but are tired of seeing surf on hordes of smeargle for the 100000000th time. Me myself, I've beaten every region like 1000 times now, I've got like 500+ hours in each individual mainline pokemon game that has come out, and have seen that surf way more than 100000000000000000000000000000 times. And honestly most people here who have played PokeMMO probably have too unless they're doing some funny business that you probably know what I am inferring to. The only thing this can really effect is the singleplayer experience, and even then not having this option when a lot of the mainline games have this feature built in is hurting the players experience, everyone who grinds in a pokemon game when they have the option to would turn off animations so that they don't have to see surf 10000000 times. An alternative is to have a attack animation speed setting for faster attack animations, kind of like a emulator turbo of sorts but for animations, which would be a middleground of not having animation and having animation in the game.
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